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July 4

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August 21

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August 26

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Board Talk

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Who is IMLS? (part 2)
September 2015

Who is IMLS?
June/ July 2015

"Twelve Golden Rules for Board Members"
April, 2015

The true value of your local library
February, 2015

Re-envisioning the public library
January, 2015

Free access to library-specific online webinars
November/ December 2014

"What's Next?"
September, 2014

SD public library accreditation and certification tweaked
August, 2014

The life cycle of a consortium
June/ July, 2014

Shedding the 'bun and shush' image
May, 2014

Help is on the way: Friends groups and Foundations to the rescue!
April, 2014

Here we go again—Why should we have a nonresident user fee and policy?
March, 2014

The Haves and the Have-Nots
February, 2014

Public Library Advocacy—the Key Role of a Modern Public Library Trustee
December 2013/ January 2014

A word from the President of the SD State Library Board, by Dr. Lesta V. Turchen
November, 2013

Getting the word out: What can the library do for you?
October, 2013

Streamlining the state publications collection process; Two universities named full depository libraries for State Government Publications Distribution Program
September, 2013

Technology Grants for Your Local Public Library-Go for it!
August, 2013

The real facts
May, 2013

The State Library is alive and well!
April, 2013

"Maker Spaces? Programming on Steroids?"
March, 2013

Rotunda celebration — 100 years and counting
February, 2013

What's a public library all about, anyway?
January, 2013

What does the Common Core have to do with public libraries?
November, 2012

Certification changes and why being certified is important
September, 2012

Changes in the South Dakota Public Library Accreditation Standards
August, 2012

New Law affects South Dakota Public Libraries
May, 2012

March Madness…or Not!
April, 2012

Your role in the Public Library Survey
February, 2012

IMLS releases new report 'Creating a Nation of Learners'
January, 2012

3 R's for the public and school library - rethink, redefine, repurpose
November/December, 2011

“To Fine or Not to Fine… that is the Question!”
October, 2011

That difficult subject – nonresident user fees
July/August, 2011

The Public Library Survey – What is it? Why is it so important?
June, 2011

Develop a local "roadmap" for your public library
May, 2011

Orientation benefits new board members
March, 2011

Have you reviewed your local public library’s bylaws recently?
February, 2011

Public Library Survey — It’s all local… really… and it all starts with you!
January, 2011

Dr. Mary Bushing comments on public libraries
November/ December, 2010

The Complete Library Trustee Handbook will wow you. A review of a library handbook by Sally Gardner Reed and Jillian Kalonick.
October, 2010

Know your local and national statistics
August, 2010

What is a "good board"?
July, 2010

The vital role of recruiting and educating trustees
June, 2010

Is my Library Board legal?
May, 2010

Friends and Foundations worth investigating for your library
April, 2010

Custer Public Library
March, 2010

March, 2010
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