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Independence Day
July 4

Paperback Book Day
July 30

National Inventor's Month

National Back to School Month

Women's History Month

Bad Poetry Day
August 18

Senior Citizen's Day
August 21

Women's Equality Day
August 26

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Why Didn't I Think of That?

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October, 2015
includes "Minions" of reasons to visit Britton Public Library", and "Orange you glad?"

April, 2015
includes "Ready for spring", "Huron Public Library celebrates Teen Tech Week with drone competition", and "Give a virtual tour"

February, 2015
Includes "A sign encourages reading", "Whitewood Public Library cooks up Waffle Wednesday", and "Fast Facts about your library"

January, 2015
includes "Project station serves as mini-makerspace" and "Tech Tips: Do you Skype? You should, it's free!"

November/ December 2014
includes "Good reads for guys", "Madison Public Library lends out framed art prints", "Selling Stumpkins", and "Alternative shelving method livens up the collection at Edgemont"

October, 2014
includes "Take e-collections out of hiding", "Bookmarks show what to read next", and "Making the book-movie connection"

September, 2014
includes "New use for old supplies" and "How to use social media to the max"

August, 2014
includes "LEGO Trade at Madison Public Library", and "Denver Public Library pedals books to patrons"

June/July 2014
includes "Reading and Recipes program a success librarians featuring reading and recipes event", "South Park fifth graders help break a Guinness World Record", and "How I see heirlooms"

May, 2014
includes "Freezin' for a Reason" and "Winner Elementary uses book return on wheels"

April, 2014
includes "Wagner Community School Library showcases student art", "Reading Olympians earn medals at Memorial Middle School", "Literacy Leaders promote life-long reading in Gettysburg", and "Little Free Libraries"

March, 2014
includes "Rockin' Reader recognition program", "Bookmarks: Increase interest and reading without breaking the budget", and "Denver Public Library vs. Seattle Public Library in the Reading Bowl"

February, 2014
includes "Siouxland Library starts book club for adults", "Book Talk Tonight", "Electronic Resources Challenge for Middle Schoo", and "Putting a new twist on holiday parade of homes fundraiserBy Melissa Hutmacher, Cozard Memorial Library

December 2013/ January 2014
includes "'A virtual visit with an author' by Miranda Brumbaugh, Platte Public Library" and "Interlibrary loan - more helpful hints"

October, 2013
includes "Coffee Sales make Douglas High School Library teen area perk<" and "Amazon wish list helps grow collections<"

September 2013
includes "Siouxland Libraries walks the Book Walk", "Totally Teen Territory mural painted at Watertown Regional", "Beresford Public Library gets cool at the pool", and "'On-the-shelf' readers advisory helps patrons"

August 2013
includes "Antiques Roadshow at Freeman Public Library—priceless", "Have you ever thought of circulating cake pans?", and "Jumping to new heights at Elkton Community Library"

June/ July 2013
includes "Teacher interviews encourage reading", "Yes, there really is an app for that", "Charlotte's Web for all at Harrisburg Liberty", and "Reading Bingo program gets results"

May, 2013
includes "Bring your own device night", "Community collaboration: Brookings Public Library and the Brookings Area Genealogical Society", "Book Portraits and Book Spine Poetry celebrate reading and learning at Douglas High School", "Teen Tech Week maker space success at the Alexander Mitchell Public Library", and "Box Project helps patrons find series fast

March, 2013
includes "Faulkton County Library helps patrons book their escape from winter", and "Public library card sign-up at school makes collaborative effort for reading"

February, 2013
includes "Mikkelsen Library goes to the dogs", "Dewey Cheers lead students to favorite nonfiction"

January, 2013
includes "The Christmas tree comes full circle" and "Book Tree builds collection at Armour Carnegie Library"

November, 2012
includes "Celebration of Reading at Colman-Egan draws readers young and old", "Plan now for building maintenance", and "Students read while 'camping' in school"

October, 2012
includes "Flat Earl travels across the country promoting libraries" and "West Central students go on an Amazing Library Race"

September, 2012
includes "Jumpin' in Your Jammies for Joplin: a great collaboration in Chamberlain", "Big changes come in small packages at Wall"

August, 2012
includes "Tourism and community training come together at Gregory Public Library" and "Siouxland Libraries combine bikes and books for adult programming event"

June/July, 2012
includes "A.H. Brown holds 11th Annual Tour of Tables event", and "Washington Elementary School holds 'Go Green' Book Swap"

May, 2012
includes "Edgemont students learn about Titanic through variety of resources", "Book drop gets extreme makeover at combo library", and "There's a whole lot of reading going on at Gettysburg School"

April, 2012
includes "Douglas High School Library takes Cinderella to the Culture Fair", "Bennett County Library draws old and young with shared activities", and "Famous faces come alive at Jones County Elementary"

March, 2012
includes "Audio series connects with your business community", "Series titles are big business at North Middle School", and "Holgate Middle School finds another use for old magazine boxes"

February, 2012
includes "Beresford Public Library wins $1,000 and a $500 community grant", and "Tea Intermediate School students love their library"

January, 2012
includes "Holiday idea to store away for next year: the Merry Mitten Tree", and "Students are e-reading at Alcester-Hudson"

November/December, 2011
includes "Dummy Books are helping make Mobridge residents smarter", "'Buy Your First Car' proves to be popular seminar for teens", and "Traveling exhibits engage students and patrons of all ages"

October, 2011
includes "Newspaper publishes library memories", "Local historian expands Faulk County Library collection", "Aliens host whole community fund-raiser for elementary library", and "Author visits: some experiences and a few tips"

September, 2011
includes "Hau Kola Learning Camp mixes choice, creativity and literature for teens"Hudson patrons read about school and earn free school supplies", and "Sturgis teens complete summer program with prize drawing and pizza"

July/August, 2011
includes "What about e-books?", "Huron Friends of the Library profit at Smithy’s Used Books and on Amazon", and "Market your library and host programs for little or no money

June, 2011
includes "Edgemont uses Internet to find lost books", "Stewart Stars stick with reading
The students of Yankton's Stewart Elementary School were challenged by their librarian, Kathleen Bergeson, to 'stick with reading'", "Chamberlain finds new purpose for laptop carts"

May, 2011
includes "Britton chases away the winter blahs with library BINGO", "Spring, storytelling, music, jungle mix and mingle in Custer", "Ethan School Library gets a fresh look for under $100", and "Douglas MS is on the reading track"

April, 2011
includes "Lunch 'n' Learn serves up topics of interest in Huron", "PAK program allows students to eat, sleep and play with reading", and "Read Across America motivates readers by the minutes"

March, 2011
includes "Library ducks become a collection, a trademark and a theme", "Teaching history with a Caldecott Honor Book and a cardboard box", and "Students mind their mice manners at the Mouse Hole Library"

February, 2011
includes "Community Common Read inspires all ages in Brookings", "Industrial arts students construct new library benches in Lead", "Add imagination to cardboard boxes to create great reading spots", and "Reading Ducks motivate YARP voting in Spearfish"

January, 2011
includes "A skeleton for every occasion at Stevens High School", "Making connections between college and middle school", and "Mount Readmore created at Webster Elementary in Yankton"

November/December, 2010
includes "Did you know that Freeman Public Library has a CD/DVD cleaner?", and "Sturgis Public Library celebrates with new library cards and a royal tea party"

October, 2010
includes "Five quick tips to use in any library", and "Teen gaming success extended at Hearst Library in Lead"

August, 2010
includes "Huron Public opens new teen area", "Storyteller Indiana Bones makes a stop at Faith", and "Reading, writing and thinking skills survive the summer"

July, 2010
Adults have fun with summer reading in Watertown

June, 2010
includes "Elkton Community Library’s Jumpathon completes 25 years", "Centerville parades books for National Library Week", and "Laptops become a listening center at Humboldt"

May, 2010
includes "Friends of the Yankton Community Library host second Gourmet Guys Event", "Read a Million Minutes wildly successful in Pierre", and "Alice helps Faulk County Library raise matching Gates funds"

April, 2010
includes "Weekly contest uses Web 2.0 tools" and "Family Event not “average day” at Faith School and Community Library!"

March, 2010
includes "Friends of the Library partner with high school freshmen", "Librarians’ husbands read too", "Dancing with the Staff showcases hidden talents and raises funds", and "Reuse magazine boxes"

February, 2010
includes "RCPL shelf guides direct patrons to e-resources", "Dr. Seuss game for Read Across America Day", "Flat Stanley travels the world"

December/ January 2010
includes "Lead-Deadwood re-purposes the old card catalog", and "Green Thumb Gala raises funds and involvement at the Sturgis Public Library"

November, 2009
includes "Teen Read Week at Brookings High School", "Senior citizen programming ideas from across the state", "Positive reading messages for students in Aberdeen", and "North Middle School Library hosts holiday gift giveaway"

October, 2009
includes "Using space creatively in Custer and Hermosa" and "Here’s an idea from some Australian public libraries"

September, 2009
includes "Good Stuff @ Your Library", "Freeman and Marion cooperate on book exchange program", and "Gaming is for all ages"

August, 2009
includes "Rapid City Public Library engages total community in National Library Card Sign-Up Month", "Mystery Room offers quiet, adult space", "Read Around the Clock", and "Homemade pies motivate summer readers"

June, 2009
includes "Tea Creates a Community of Readers" and "Douglas Middle School Students Use CARP to Evaluate “Fishy” Info"

May, 2009
Ideas from our fellow librarians across the state.






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