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Independence Day
July 4

Paperback Book Day
July 30

National Inventor's Month

National Back to School Month

Women's History Month

Bad Poetry Day
August 18

Senior Citizen's Day
August 21

Women's Equality Day
August 26

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government/ state publications

Using HathiTrust for research
August, 2015

Federal Government websites provide plenty of learning opportunities
June/ July 2015

Tips for Searching for Interlibrary Loan Materials
June/ July 2015

State Library plans additional digitization projects
May, 2015

Digital state publications collections continue to grow
April, 2013

digging deeper for primary sourcesSouth Dakota state government publications used as primary resources
April, 2015

Finding statistical data amid the government shutdown
November, 2013

SD State Library hits the road with digital documents & e-resources
September, 2013

SD documents librarians appointed to Regional Federal Depository Library Advisory Group
September, 2013

Streamlining the state publications collection process; Two universities named full depository libraries for State Government Publications Distribution Program
September, 2013

The winding road to digital: making state government publications available online
April, 2013

Join the South Dakota State Library full or affiliate depository program March, 2013

E-government/State Government Resources: a RACE webinar
February, 2013

Digital state publications now online
February, 2013

Upcoming RACE Webinars
January, 2013

State publications go digital
January, 2013

Great government information doesn't come in paper form only
June/July 2012

New scanner in the house
February, 2012

Challenges, RACE webinars and more! January Continuing Education Opportunities
January, 2012

Libraries are truly the road to everywhere
May, 2011

Happy New Year from the Research Services Department
January, 2011

Believe it or not, government documents can be interesting!
June, 2010

in focus: Brenda Hemmelman
February, 2009
Meet the new Research/Gov Docs Librarian at the South Dakota State Library.
















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