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Check Your Calendars!!

Independence Day
July 4

Paperback Book Day
July 30

National Inventor's Month

National Back to School Month

Women's History Month

Bad Poetry Day
August 18

Senior Citizen's Day
August 21

Women's Equality Day
August 26

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What are we reading?
Virtual Unreality by Charles Seife
June/ July 20015

Making the most of your library's technology services
January, 2015

Tech Tips: Do you Skype? You should, it's free!
January, 2015

Impact Survey shows the importance of tech resources in SD public libraries
November/ December 2014

How to automate a library one step at a time: planning, selecting, implementing
June/ July, 2014

Let teens build cool stuff and they will come (to the library!)

May 2014

Finding health information: how do I know it's not hogwash?
May, 2014

Library Lovers Make Good Citizens - How to Keep Them
April, 2014

A virtual visit with an author
December, 2013/ January, 2014

Digital Inclusion Survey
October, 2013

CIPA's effect on current and future teen library usage
October 2013

The real facts
May, 2013

E-Rate and your library: dos, don'ts and maybes
January, 2012

Internet usage time tracking: Is there an easier way?
September, 2012

March Continuing Education Opportunities
March, 2011

State agencies and public libraries partner for job seekers
January, 2011

Continuing Education Opportunities
October, 2010

More resources in the news
September, 2010

More resources in the news
June, 2010

Author Visits with Skype
April, 2010

Research goes beyond the border
April, 2010

More resources in the news
February, 2010

The Filtering Frontier
October, 2009

Book Clubs Move Online
June, 2009
Online book clubs have several advantages over traditional book clubs.

Douglas Middle School Students Use CARP to Evaluate “Fishy” Info
June, 2009

Internet Safety Information for All Ages
March, 2009






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