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Check Your Calendars!!

Independence Day
July 4

Paperback Book Day
July 30

National Inventor's Month

National Back to School Month

Women's History Month

Bad Poetry Day
August 18

Senior Citizen's Day
August 21

Women's Equality Day
August 26

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Weeding isn't just about books
October, 2015

Who is IMLS?
September 2015

Board Talk: Who is IMLS?
June/July 2015

Data shows school libraries growing across the state
June/ July 2015

State Library plans additional digitization projects
May, 2015

digging deeper for primary sourcesSouth Dakota state government publications used as primary resources
April, 2015

Attention public and school librarians -- YOU can utilize your annual survey data
September, 2014

Easy and free patron survey helps you gain insight on your library's technology services
June/ July, 2014

Digital state publications collections continue to grow
April, 2013

Data sources abound
August 2013

The winding road to digital: making state government publications available online
April, 2013

Where do all those public library numbers go?
August, 2009

School Library Study Group Update
May, 2009

Public Library Annual Report Due May 29
May, 2009

School Library Annual Report Moratorium
April, 2009
The South Dakota State Library is declaring a one-year moratorium on the statistical report for schools for the 2008/2009 school year.

South Dakota Public Libraries Data Digest
April, 2009
Do you ever wish you had statewide library statistics at your fingertips?

Public Library Annual Report
March, 2009
Surveys… how boring… how insignificant. Yet the annual Public Library Survey is a Big deal and it is significant.






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