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July 4

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July 30

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August 18

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August 21

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August 26

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Where did the money go? Operating expenditures from FY 2014 Public Libraries Survey
November/ December 2015

Who is IMLS?
September 2015

Invest in staff and resources related to greater use of services, national statistics show
August, 2015

Board Talk: Who is IMLS?
June/July 2015

Data shows school libraries growing across the state
June/ July 2015

Take a first look at the FY2014 Public Libraries Survey statistics
May, 2015

Public Libraries Survey FY2014 closed
April, 2015

2014 Data Digests are here!
February, 2015

The true value of your local library
February, 2015

Fast Facts about your library
February, 2015

Programming tips learned at the recent AzLA/MPLA regional conference
January, 2015

Learn more about your community with the "KIDS COUNT Data Book"
October, 2014

Loleta D. Fyan Grant
October, 2014

Attention public and school librarians -- YOU can utilize your annual survey data
September, 2014

Library Training Institute -- a good value!
August, 2014

FY 2013 Public Libraries Survey Data -- how are we doing?
August, 2014

Interlibrary Loan: remember two good rules of thumb
August, 2014

The Haves and the Have-Nots
February 2014

2013 Star Libraries in South Dakota
December, 2013/ January, 2014

Finding statistical data amid the government shutdown
November, 2013

Shawn BehrendsWelcome Shawn Behrends, new State Data Coordinator
August, 2013

The data is collected, and we'll connect you to it soon
June/ July, 2013

Upcoming RACE webinars
March, 2013

New South Dakota State Library Data Digests are online
February, 2013

What's a public library all about, anyway?
January, 2013

New procedures for school library ILL statistics begin now
September, 2012

Data submitted to Collect is ready for you in Connect!
September, 2012

March Madness…or Not!
April, 2012

New procedures for public library interlibrary loan statistics begin now
January, 2012

New procedures for interlibrary loan statistics begin in January 2012
November/December, 2011

Board Talk: The Public Library Survey – What is it? Why is it so important?
June, 2011

School and public library Data Digests now available
February, 2011

Sully Area Library becomes a new star
January, 2011

Board Talk: Public Library Survey — It’s all local… really… and it all starts with you!
January, 2011

Six steps to Snapshot Day success!
November/ December, 2010

School Library Data Digest is coming soon
November/ December, 2010

South Dakota Library Snapshot Day is October 31- November 6
October, 2010

2009-2010 School Library Survey data ready for review
September, 2010

Board Talk: Know your local and national statistics
August, 2010

Where do all those public library numbers go?
August, 2009

The Public Library Survey - Where does South Dakota fit in?
August, 2010

Web Site Resources to Check Out
May, 2009

Take a Look at the New Tools Available for Public Libraries
May, 2009

South Dakota Public Libraries Data Digest
April, 2009
Do you ever wish you had statewide library statistics at your fingertips?

Public Library Annual Report
March, 2009
Surveys… how boring… how insignificant. Yet the annual Public Library Survey is a Big deal and it is significant.






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