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July 4

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Where did the money go? Operating expenditures from FY 2014 Public Libraries Survey
November/ December 2015

Attention public librarians: Project Outcome can help you share the impact of library programs--and it's free!
October, 2015

Measuring outcomes shows the good that you do!
September 2015

Who is IMLS?
September 2015

Summer Reading Program Survey is released
August 2015

Data shows school libraries growing across the state
June/ July 2015

Take a first look at the FY2014 Public Libraries Survey statistics
May, 2015

South Dakota public libraries' customer satisfaction survey results show good feedback
May, 2015

Deadlines to check before summer vacation
April, 2015

Everything you need to know about the 2014-2015 School Survey
March, 2015

Attention public library directors: Public Libraries Survey FY2014 closes on March 31!
February, 2015

2014 Data Digests are here!
February, 2015

Make plans to upgrade library Wi-Fi and broadband services: E-rate filing window is now open!
February, 2015

Impact Survey shows the importance of tech resources in SD public libraries
November/ December 2014

Your library is on the map -- Digital Inclusion interactive mapping tool
October, 2014

Attention public and school librarians -- YOU can utilize your annual survey data
September, 2014

Understand your community's technology needs--take the Edge Assessment
August, 2014

FY 2013 Public Libraries Survey Data -- how are we doing?
August, 2014

Newest School Library Survey data now available
August, 2014

Easy and free patron survey helps you gain insight on your library's technology services
June/ July, 2014

Huron completes an Impact Survey
May, 2014

Check your "To Do" list for upcoming deadlines
April, 2014

2013-2014 School Library Survey opens April 1
March, 2014

Upcoming RACE Webinars
February, 2014

2013 Star Libraries in South Dakota
December, 2013/ January, 2014

Say It With Data: A concise guide to making your case and getting results by Priscille Dando (2014); Reviewed by Shawn Behrends

December, 2013/ January, 2014

Digital Inclusion Survey
October, 2013

School library data now ready on Connect
October, 2013

Summer Reading Program Survey
September, 2013

Shawn BehrendsWelcome Shawn Behrends, new State Data Coordinator
August, 2013

Calculating your library's community value
August, 2013

Deadline nears for School Library Survey
May, 2013

2013 School Library Survey opens April 1
April, 2013

Upcoming RACE webinars
March, 2013

School Library Survey opens on April 1
March, 2013

New South Dakota State Library Data Digests are online
February, 2013

2012 Public Library Survey Information: a RACE webinar
February, 2013

2012 Public Library Survey opens soon
February, 2013

Sneak peak at the 2012 School Data Digest
November, 2012

School Library Survey closes May 16
May, 2012

2012 School Library Survey opens April 1
April, 2012

School Library Chats, Social Media, Grants, and MORE!
March, 2012

Public Library Survey deadline is March 30
March, 2012

2011 School and Public Library Data Digests are now online
February, 2012

SDSL RACE Webinars
February, 2012

Your role in the Public Library Survey
February, 2012

Looking ahead to the 2011-2012 School Library Survey
February, 2012

Read Aloud Survey: We Asked ~ You Responded
January, 2012

2012 Public Library Survey opens Wednesday, Feb. 1
January, 2012

Take your community’s pulse
October, 2011

School Library Survey: Compare and contrast your data
October, 2011

Positive impact reported by Opportunity Online Hardware Grant participants
July/August, 2011

Board Talk: The Public Library Survey – What is it? Why is it so important?
June, 2011

Deadline fast approaching - School Library Survey closes May 18
May, 2011

School Library Survey open April 1 to May 18
April, 2011

Public Library Survey deadline is March 31
March, 2011

Beresford Public Library's survey data leads to national rating
March, 2011

School Library Survey opens April 1
March, 2011

March Continuing Education Opportunities
March, 2011

Public Library Survey opens February 1
February, 2011

Board Talk: Public Library Survey — It’s all local… really… and it all starts with you!
January, 2011

Board Talk: Know your local and national statistics
August, 2010

The Public Library Survey - Where does South Dakota fit in?
August, 2010

School Library Survey data available in late September
July, 2010

School Library Survey "Early Bird awardees
May, 2010

School Library Survey deadline is May 31
May, 2010

School Library Survey opens April 1
April, 2010

Public Library Survey "EARLY BIRD" awardees
March, 2010
Congratulations and thank you Early Bird libraries!

New Public Library Survey opens Feb. 1
February, 2010
The 2009 Public Library Survey, formerly known as the “annual report,” will be released on Feb. 1.

South Dakota receives accolades for 2008 Public Libraries Survey
February, 2010
South Dakota was one of 45 states that received the Keppel Award for submitting prompt, complete and high-quality public library data for FY 2008.

Voting survey is open for Prairie Bud and Prairie Pasque
February, 2010

Looking ahead to the 2010 School Library Survey
February, 2010

We really want to know what you think about the Cornerstone e-newsletter!
November, 2009

The Filtering Frontier
October, 2009

Connects to Collections Survey is due Nov. 1
October, 2009






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