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Independence Day
July 4

Paperback Book Day
July 30

National Inventor's Month

National Back to School Month

Women's History Month

Bad Poetry Day
August 18

Senior Citizen's Day
August 21

Women's Equality Day
August 26

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New PSA helps build parent toddler relationships
November/ December 2015

E-resources provide holiday fun and information
October, 2015

Grant resources at the SD State Library
September 2015

Invest in staff and resources related to greater use of services, national statistics show
August, 2015

Federal Government websites provide plenty of learning opportunities
June/ July 2015

Primary sources are focus of "Digging Deeper"
April, 2015

Heritage Quest and World Book offer new look and functionality
March, 2015

Fast Facts about your library
February, 2015

Save patrons time
January, 2015

Impact Survey shows the importance of tech resources in SD public libraries
November/ December 2014

Prairie Bud and Pasque nominations provide quality booklists for the library and classroom
June/ July, 2014

Summer reading sizzles with online resources
May, 2014

Digital Gizmos: Celebrate 125 Years of Statehood with Online Resources

April, 2014

SD Department of Education launches site commemorating SD's 125th Anniversary
March, 2014

Teaching Kids and Teens to Be Good Cybercitizens
February, 2014

Digital Gizmos: AnswerGarden and Padlet
December 2013 -- January 2014

Digital Gizmos: Diigo and Symbaloo
November, 2013

Data sources abound
August 2013

Resources and tools to support your "back-to-school" planning
August, 2013

Licensing Digital Content and other resources in the news
February, 2012

Putting the new School Library Standards into action: Part 2
February, 2012

Copyright titles and other school resources in the news
January, 2012

What’s in the News?
November/December, 2011

Plus, more resources in the news
October, 2011

Plus, more resources in the news
September, 2011

Reference to the Rescue highlights resources
June, 2011

Plus, more resources in the news
June, 2011

OverDrive Tutorials
May, 2011

Resources in the news
May, 2011

Additional resources in the news
April, 2011

More resources in the news
March, 2011

State Library's new website is up and running
February, 2011

After-school Partnership launches new website
February, 2011

More resources in the news
February, 2011

More resources in the news
November/ December, 2010

Continuing Education Opportunities
October, 2010

“Laugh and Learn” with SDSL staff at the 2010 SDLA Conference
September, 2010

Back-to-School ideas
September, 2010

More resources in the news
September, 2010

Top Web sites linked with AASL standards
August, 2010

ProQuest gets facelift and other resource news
August, 2010

Help combat the summer reading slump
July, 2010

Reaching non-English speaking children and families
July, 2010

Free audiobooks for teens available July 1
July, 2010

A.H. Brown Public Library now appearing on the Web
July, 2010

More resources in the news
July, 2010

More resources in the news
April, 2010

In Focus: Wynne Nafus Sayer
March, 2010
Meet Wynne Nafus Sayer, Information Officer at the South Dakota State Library

How do I… deal with those techie questions?
February, 2010

More resources in the news
February, 2010

The digital branch - a new and essential branch on the library tree
Dec/ January 2010

More resources in the news
November, 2009

Tools to use for Web site evaluation
October, 2009

Where do I find movie review and purchasing resources?
October, 2009

More resources in the news
October, 2009

Sharing is caring with social bookmarking
September, 2009

More resources in the news
August, 2009

More resources in the news
July, 2009

Summer Reading Program Updates Web Site
June, 2009
Discussing several new highlights on the Web site of the Collaborative Summer Library Program.

Web Site Resources to Check Out
May, 2009

Web Site Resources To Check Out
April, 2009

March, 2009

Add It Up focuses on children and teens
February, 2009

Check Out These Resources...
February, 2009

Learning Express Library
February, 2009

SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Researcher
January, 2009






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