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Access Services | Interlibrary Loan Services | Interlibrary Loan Procedures

Interlibrary Loan Procedures

All libraries will use the ALEPH ILL subsystem to request materials that are available in-state.

Handout of Procedural Changes: PDF Download PDF Download

To expedite the process:

  • Please send lending libraries self-addressed labels as a courtesy.
  • Please return borrowed materials as instructed by lending library.
  • When receiving items remember to inspect them at arrival and let lending library know of any damages right away.

Patron Initiated InterLibrary Loans in 10 Easy steps

  1. Enter the SDLN catalog
  2. Sign in using your library bar code and password, choosing the South Dakota State Library
  3. Choose "All SDLN Libraries"
    • Search for title or subject
    • Option -- You can click on "Global Holdings" to see what libraries hold the item you are interested in.
  4. Click on the title to access the full record
  5. Click on the InterLibrary Loan link at the top right
  6. Choose your delivery method
  7. Choose your delivery deadline
    • *In-state requests need 7 days of lead time, Out-of-state requests need at least 20 days of lead time
  8. Check the copyright statement agreement at the bottom
  9. Click "GO"
    • You will get a confirmation page
    • Keep a paper copy for your records

Using Aleph

Using “My Library Card” on Aleph

  • Canceling a request
  • Checking the progress of an ILL
  • Request an item not found in Aleph
  • Request an article

Requesting an article

  1. Click on "My Library Card"
  2. Click "InterLibrary Loan Form" in the top right corner
  3. Choose "Journal" on the right
  4. Fill in as much information as possible

Using WorldCat

Process Interlibrary Loans using OCLC/ WorldCat with the SDSL Libraries' ILL Guide PDF Download

Requesting an item from out-of-state



A worldwide catalog of 56 million items found in 9,000+ libraries, including State Library & 25+ SD libraries. Additional indexes to books, articles, dissertations, and archive material are also available. Web Link
Access From (with username/library card barcode and password): home, library and school campus, state government
Category: books and literature, education and libraries, encyclopedias, general, professional and scholarly

  1. Go to the SDSL website > Online Resources > A-Z Complete listing > Click on W.
    WorldCat is at the very bottom of the page
  2. Click on the WorldCat icon
  3. Enter your SDSL barcode number and password
  4. Click on "My Account" and log in again using your SDSL barcode number and password again
    • *If this is your first time in WorldCat you will need to register
  5. Search for your item
  6. Choose the item you want, making sure it is the correct format or edition
  7. Click "Borrow this item from another library" or click this icon
  8. Click "Submit"

My Requests (WorldCat)

  • View all ILL requests
  • View status of ILL requests
  • Cancel or renew material if the option is given

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an ILL take?
In-state/Aleph: about 1 week.
Out-of-state/WorldCat: about 3 weeks

Where is my ILL request going?
In-state/Aleph: directly to the lending library. Out-of-state/WorldCat: through the State Library

How can I keep track of my requests?
Your accounts in Aleph or WorldCat online; but keep a paper copy also.

Who is responsible when things go wrong?
The borrowing library is responsible for all materials.

Does the State Library still lend materials?
Yes, but only items from our collection.
Are there options other than using ILL to obtain materials?
Yes! The State Library databases have many eBook titles and articles available full text. Call the SDSL for free training!
Can I request a new title?
No. As a general rule, libraries will not loan new titles. You should be purchasing these for your own collection.
If I have an overdue ILL, can I still request more ILL's?
No. The State Library will not process any new requests until overdues are returned to the lending library.
What if my patron loses an ILL book, or refuses to return it?
Your patron needs to pay for the material. If you cannot collect from your patron, then your library needs to settle the bill for the lost material. The State Library will not process new ILL requests until the matter is settled.

South Dakota's Libraries

For addresses, go to the SD Library Directory PDF Download

For individual library policies (as available) review SDLN: Member Libraries Link to SDLN (“ILL Policy” links are on the far right column).

Did You Know...

 An alternative way to access the Library Catalog is by logging into your ECardPlus. If you don't have a card, that's OK — just click "Guest" and you can search any SDLN Library's catalog.

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