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Disc Repair Service

Scratched to repaired Disc

The South Dakota State Library is offering a Disc Repair Service to libraries.

Libraries can send up to 50 damaged DVDs/CDs at a time to the State Library for repair. The library must be able to pick-up the items at the State Library or arrange for delivery through the courier or some other means. The library sending the material to the State Library is responsible for all delivery costs.

Types of media that can be repaired include:

  • CDs - Music, Data, RW, R formats
  • DVDs - Blu Ray, HD DVD, Single and Double Sided
  • Video Game Discs: (Not all game discs can be repaired. Contact the State Library before sending game discs.)

Damages that cannot be repaired include:

  • Cracks
  • Warping
  • Dents

This printable form textbook order form in pdf formatis to be sent with the DVDs/CDs to the State Library. Discs must be sent in their cases. Allow four weeks for discs to be returned. The State Library is not liable for items that might be lost in transit.

If you have questions about the Disc Repair Service, please contact Barb Nickolas at 1-800-423-6665, option 4 or Email Link.

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