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Braille & Talking Book Program | Newsletters | Fall 2015

Prairie Trails Newsletter Header

Volume 9, Issue 3 | Fall 2015
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Inside this issue:

Visit with Pam Davenport from NLS

Notes from the Interim Director, Dorothy Liegl

Every two years a National Library Service consultant from Washington, D.C. visits the library. Pam Davenport visited our library on August 6th and 7th. During her visit, Pam reviewed the policies and practices used by the Braille and Talking Book Library. She met with each staff person, answered questions and offered suggestions for potential improvements. Pam said, "The staff are very competent and well trained. They are doing a great job. South Dakota's patrons are lucky to have them."

Braille and Talking Book staff with Pam Davenport
Pictured front row left to right: Connie Sullivan, Pam Davenport, Marcia Kaup
Back row: Mike Smith, Josh Easter, Mary Sjerven and Dorothy Liegl

Summer Reading Program Breaks Records

The Summer Reading Program which ran from June 8 to July 17 had 42 youth participating. This group included 10 braille and 32 audio readers. In previous years, the most braille readers that signed up were 4. This year's record setting participation is due to collaboration with the SD School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Other records that were broken included the highest percentage of registered readers completing the program (67%), the highest percentage of eligible youth registered in the program (25%), and the age range of participants (ages 0-21).

The reading program was based on the 20/24/7 Program where readers documented a minimum of 20 minutes reading time per day, seven days a week. At the conclusion of the program the charts were returned and entered into a drawing for the gift certificate in each of the four age divisions.

The $50 gift certificate winners in each of the four age divisions are as follows:

  • Division 0 to 6 Jaren Scheff of Montrose, SD;
  • division 7 to 11, Sarah Huston of Midland, S.D.,
  • division 12 to 16 Michael Wingen of Vermillion, S.D. and
  • division 17 to 21 Lynae Wollman of Westport, S.D.

The funds to purchase the gift cards were provided by the Evening Star Lions Club of Rapid City. On behalf of all who participated we thank the Evening Star Lions Club for their donation. It is Friends like you that make it possible for us to provide the extra services that we do.

Braille and Talking Book Staff draw the winners
Drawing in each of the four age divisions was
Stashia Liegl, a summer volunteer at the library.
Also pictured is Mary Sjerven, Summer Reading Coordinator.

One Book Author on Tour

William Kent Krueger, author of the South Dakota One Book ORDINARY GRACE, will be touring South Dakota in August and September. Even if you haven't had a chance to read ORDINARY GRACE (DB078187), take time to go listen to this entertaining speaker. Krueger says "It is probably my favorite book that I've written; it's very unique." He intends to complete a trilogy about the characters in this book.

Tour dates and times are:

  • Aug. 25 - Pierre, Capitol Lake Visitor Center, 7 p.m.
  • Aug. 26 - Rapid City, Rapid City Public Library, 6:30 p.m.
  • Aug. 27 - Custer, Custer County Library, 1:30 p.m.
  • Aug. 27 - Hot Springs, Hot Springs Public Library, 5 p.m.
  • Sept. 21 - Vermillion, Red Steakhouse, 5:30 p.m. reception;
    Vermillion Public Library, book talk and signing, 7 p.m.
  • Sept. 22 - Chamberlain, Chamberlain Community Center, 7 p.m.
  • Sept. 24 - Buffalo, (TBD) luncheon, noon
  • Sept. 25-27 - Deadwood, Festival of Books (multiple times and locations.)

Behind the Scenes

How does a book get from the shelf to your ears? The process starts when you place a phone call. Getting the book off the shelf, putting it in the mailbag, inspecting the returned book, shelving the book, replacing a defective machine, duplicating magazines, or repairing a defective book are all steps in the process. In future newsletters we will feature one staff person per issue and we will explain what their job is in the process of getting a book to you.

In the Spotlight

Behind the scenes is Mike Smith, our Library Technician that manages our circulation. His duties include printing the mail cards, retrieving the correct book from the shelves, and inserting the address card into the book to get it ready for mailing. He is also the one who sorts the books by zip code and puts the books into the proper bags for the post office to pick up.

Sorting books
Mike Smith sorts outgoing books into mailbags by zip code order.

Mike is the one who inspects every book returned to the library. When he inspects, he opens each container to make sure that the cartridge inside matches the container it came back in. When they don't match, he has to try to track down the missing parts. Whew! He is our detective in residence.

Shelving books
Mike shelving books that arrive daily.

Once Mike gets all returned books back in their places, he moves on to his other duties. In his "spare" time, he duplicates the copies of magazines that you receive, duplicates extra copies of books as needed, checks in new books so that they can be added to the collection, labels the cartridges and mailing boxes, checks book cartridges that have been reported as defective and tries to repair them, and more … Mike also handles the production of the locally recorded books. In July, Mike checked in and inspected 6,176 items. He also sent out 8,039 items during July. He is a busy guy!

BARD Mobile for Android is finally here!

The BARD Mobile app for Android is now available in the Google Play store:

You must have both a BARD account and a Google account to use this app. If you do not already have a Google account, you will need to create one, and then log in to download the app, which can easily be found by searching for "BARD Mobile". The BARD Mobile app is a free download, and is compatible with any device running Android OS 4.1 or higher.

The BARD Mobile app enables users to download audiobooks and audio magazines directly to their Android devices, provided they already have BARD accounts. The user guide is available from the bookshelf of the app and online in HTML format at:

Help screens are also available from inside the app and may be accessed by activating the Context menu or the More Options button and selecting Help.

Need a BARD account? Still have questions? Marcia can help. Call Marcia at 1-800-423-6665 press 1 press 2.

Issue While Downloading Special Characters in some Titles

There are some books with a special character contained in the title that can cause problems when trying to extract if using an older browser. If you get an error that there are no files to extract try removing the special character from the title and proceeding with the extract process.

An example of a book that contains a special character is DB064002- Midnight at the Dragon CafÃ. Deleting the "Ã" will fix the problem.

Tips for Better Service

Please be aware that when you call the Talking Book Library at 1-800-423-6665 we do our best to answer your phone calls. Sometimes we are not able to answer your calls right away as we are helping other customers. Please be aware that if you call during our regular business hours of 8 to 5 p.m. central time zone Monday through Friday and we do not answer the phone, please leave us a message and we will return your call in a timely manner. If you do not leave a message, we cannot call you back.

braille and talking book phone tree
Braille and Talking Book's phone tree

Our telephone number is 1-800-423-6665. As soon as the voice begins talking (press 1) for the talking book department. You must then press another number to reach your Reader Advisor. By pressing 1 again you will get Reader Advisor Mary, if you press 2 you will get Reader Advisor Marcia, by pressing 3 you will get Lynda, our Educational Materials Coordinator. If you call during our closed hours, please be sure to leave a message and we will return your call the next business day. Be sure to leave your name and phone number where we may contact you. It also helps us if you repeat the phone number twice.

If you are calling to place a book order, you may leave the book number(s) and we will order the book or put them on your request list. A Reader Advisor will only return your call if there is a problem with the book order. Be sure to leave your name and telephone number in case we need to return a call.

If you are calling about a change of address, please leave your name and a phone number so that we can call to verify your new address.

Please Don't Write on the Digital Cartridges Or Mailing Containers

If you put a digital book in your player and it doesn't work, sound is bad, or has blank spots, report the problem to your reader advisor. Please don't write on the digital cartridge or the mailing container. When you do that, we can't clean them, and we can't reuse them. The digital cartridges are expensive, and they can be temperamental. We have a process for checking these books, fixing them, and getting them back into circulation.

If you think your cartridge book is broken, please call 1-800-423-6665 and tell the Reader Advisor who answers the call that you think you have a broken book. Telling the Reader Advisor exactly what you think the problem is will be very helpful. You can also alert your reader advisor if you want the book replaced.

Braille and Talking Book mailing card
Braille and Talking Book mailing card

If you mark an "X" in the box found in the upper left hand corner on the yellow side of the mailing card, it will alert us that this is the book with a problem.

Books Upside Down in the Container

Please do not turn a defective book upside down in a container and rely that it will flag the inspector that there is an issue with the book. It is most helpful for us if you call your Reader Advisor and let her know the issue with the book or put an X in the box in the upper left hand corner on the yellow side of the mailing card to indicate that it needs to be repaired.

"DBC" Books from the Talking Book Topics Catalog

Please note the May/June issues of "Talking Book Topics" has started listing a new section called "Newly added network-produced audiobooks". These books have been produced by other states and the National Library Service has made them available to all of their readers. However, these books can only be downloaded through BARD. All books with a prefix of "DBC" cannot be sent from our library. If you have questions on BARD please call the library at 1-800-423-6665 and Marcia can assist you in setting up a BARD account to download these titles.

South Dakota Collection

The following books have been added to the South Dakota Collection. Please call your Reader Advisor if you would like to order any of the following titles.

book cover of walking along

"Walking Along: Plains Indian Trickster Stories"
By Paul Goble

In Walking Along Paul Goble has pulled together six of his best Iktomi stories and compiled them into a compendium of trouble, disaster, fun, and examples from which to learn.

Juvenile DBS004744

book cover of Under the Shadow of His Wings

"Under the Shadow of His Wings"
By Sister M. Claudia Duratschek

This is the history of the Sacred Heart Convent of Benedictine Sisters, Yankton, South Dakota 1880-1970. A fascinating story of pioneering in Dakota among the Sioux Indians.


book cover of Blackrobe for the Yankton Sioux

"Blackrobe for the Yankton Sioux"
By Mary Eisenman Carson

Three decades of Yankton Sioux Reservation life, in intimate detail, seen through the life of their missionary Father Sylvester Eisenman.


book cover of Remaking the Earth

"Remaking the Earth" By Paul Goble

In this Algonquin "Earth Diver" creation myth, the water birds and animals left behind when the old world was flooded dive for mud so that the Creator can make dry land again.

Juvenile DBS004748

Kids News: Prairie Bud and Prairie Pasque 2015-2016

Would you like to vote for your favorite book? You can read books from the SD Braille and Talking Book Library and then vote.

The Prairie Bud, Prairie Bloom and Prairie Pasque Children's Book Awards are sponsored by the South Dakota Library Association. Books nominated for the award are selected by a committee of educators and librarians. The book award committee tallies votes from all participating libraries and announces the winner during National Library Week in April.

The reading of Prairie Bud and Prairie Pasque nominees can begin with each new school year. The program is open to students in kindergarten through grade 2 for the Prairie Bud and grades 3 through 5 for the Prairie Pasque. Awards voting begins October 1 and concludes April 1.

If you would like a list of the books in each category or to vote for your favorite books, call Mary at 1-800-423-6665, press 1, press 1. Mary will help you get started.

Holiday Closings

Please note the library will be closed on the following day. If you would like to leave us a phone message we will contact you after the holiday. Please plan your book requests accordingly. For example, if you request a book on Thursday, September 3 it will not go into the mail until Tuesday, September 8. Your book shipment will be delayed by one day.

September 7 for Labor Day

The Prairie Trails Newsletter is our means of communication with all patrons of the Braille and Talking Book Program. The Prairie Trails Newsletter is made available on audio and also in braille, in large print, or on a diskette upon request and is posted on our website.

If you have any questions or comments you would like to address, or wish to request this newsletter in an alternative format, please contact the SD Braille and Talking Book Program.

South Dakota Braille & Talking Book Program
800 Governors Drive, Pierre, SD 57501

Email: Email Link to BTB

Phone: 1-800-423-6665

The SD Braille & Talking Book Program does not endorse any service or product listed in this newsletter.

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