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SIRS Issues Researcher

This class is provided by Proquest. This class will be offered again if the time is not convenient. CEU’s are not available for this training. Please contact the Continuing Education Coordinator at the South Dakota State Library via email Email Link if you have any questions or want to discuss training options.

  • Length: 30-45 minutes
  • Location: online
  • Audio: voice over ip (computer) OR toll-free telephone

Public Libraries: Time to get ready for Back to School and Homework Help! Do you have students who start their research in Google or Wikipedia and then have to take time finding reliable sources? Why not start with SIRS Discoverer and Issue Researcher and cut out some steps of the process. In these databases students will find the type of background information, sources, pros/cons of an issue and links to more resources that they need for research projects. Let's get Back to School with SIRS!

Academic Libraries: While SIRS Discoverer and Issue Researcher are primarily geared toward the K-12 market if you have incoming students who need some assistance when starting research projects these databases can help them get started on solid footing. Instead of starting with Google or Wikipedia and then trying to find reliable and verifiable sources, they can begin in SIRS and obtain background information, links to other resources and pros/cons on current events and topics. This 30 minute webinar will cover these databases at a high level to highlight these resources that could be included in new student orientation or beginning research classes.


August 1: SIRS Discoverer and Issue Researcher for Public Libraries
12:00 PM CT Register Online

August 8: SIRS Discoverer and Issue Researcher for Academic Libraries
1:00 PM CT Register Online

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SIRS Issues Researcher (Grades 7-12)

SIRS Issues Researcher

Provides the background and current analysis necessary for the research and understanding of over 300 current and leading issues. More Information at Lib Guides
Category: Middle School, High School

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David Bradford EMAIL
Digital Resources Coordinator
605-773-3131, Option 5, 3

Kathleen Slocum EMAIL
Continuing Education Coordinator
605-773-3131, Option 5, 2

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