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Prairie Bud Nominees 2010-2011


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Mail Harry to the Moon by Robie Harris and Michael Emberley (Illustrator)

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Buster Goes to Cowboy Camp

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Denise Fleming

Brown Shoes is going on vacation. Betty is staying with Mrs. Pink Slippers, but Mrs. Pink Slippers does not like dogs. So Buster will be going to… Cowboy Camp! Buster is nervous at first, but when he sees all the fun things to do at camp, he begins to change his mind. By the end of camp, Buster is ready to let out a great big YEE-HAW, PARDNERS! Includes a fun map of Cowboy Camp.

Grade Level: K-2
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever

Book Cover from

Marla Frazee

Two friends have a Nature Camp week to remember! According to information on the book's cover flap, this story is based on real people and events. Two friends, Eamon and James, are going to spend a week of their summer vacation at a nature day camp. The boys will spend the week with Eamon's grandparents, Bill and Pam, who live at the beach. Cartoonlike illustrations match the text and bring out the great humor of the adventure.

Grade Level: 1-2
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

There's Nothing to Do on Mars

Book Cover from

Chris Gall

When Davey Martin's family moves to Mars, he discovers that there's nothing to do — at least until he and his robot dog Polaris learn to seize the spirit of adventure. It's not until they've zipped around the planet on his flying scooter — climbing Martian “trees,” digging up “fossils,” dancing in Martian rain dances — that they discover a treasure that finally piques Davey's interest — a source of water on the red planet! The moral of the story: If you're creative and look carefully, you'll be amazed at what you find!

Grade Level: K-2
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Whistling Wings

Book Cover from

Laura Goering

Marcel, a young tundra swan, is tired from the first half of a winter migration. One thousand miles is a long way to fly — too long for Marcel, so he hides in the rushes to stay behind while his parents and the flock continue south. But with the lake nearly frozen over, he soon realizes that he is not cut out for life on ice. Other animals offer advice about how to survive the winter, but their ways of living aren't right for the swan. Hungry and scared, he falls asleep — only to be awakened by a big surprise!

Grade Level: K-2
Publisher: Sylvan Dell Publishing

Mail Harry to the Moon

Book Cover from

Robie Harris and Michael Emberley (Illustrator)

Nobody told this older brother that having a new little brother would mean big changes, and he's FED UP! It's time to mail Harry to the moon so life can go back to the way it was before Harry: No more spit-up! No more grabbing! No more wailing in the night! But along the way, baby Harry might just help our hero see that being a big brother means more than just a big nuisance — it means adventure and friendship, too. The lighter side of getting along with the baby in the house.

Grade Level: K-1
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

What to Do about Alice

Book Cover from

Barbara Kerley

Theodore Roosevelt had a small problem. Her name was Alice. Alice Lee Roosevelt was hungry to go places, meet people, do things. Father called it running riot. Alice called it eating up the world. Whether she was entertaining important White House visitors with her pet snake or traveling the globe, Alice bucked convention and turned every new experience into an adventure! Brimming with affection and wit, this biography gives readers a peek into family life inside the White House. Prose and pictures spring, gambol, and two-step across the pages to celebrate a maverick American heroine.

Grade Level: K-2
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

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The Prairie Bud, Prairie Bloom & Prairie Pasque Children's Book Awards are sponsored by the South Dakota Library Association . Prairie Bud winners are determined by South Dakota kindergarten, first and second grade students. Prairie Pasque winners are determined by South Dakota third, fourth, and fifth grade students. Students are encouraged to read and vote for their one favorite book of the year from the masterlists of titles. The books receiving the most votes from the students win the awards. A committee of educators and librarians select the books nominated for the awards.

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