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Children's & Youth Services | South Dakota Children's Book Awards | Prairie Bud Nominees 2011-2012

Prairie Bud Nominees 2011-2012


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Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas

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The Curious Garden

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Brown, Peter

One day, a curious boy named Liam is out exploring his drab, gray city when he comes across a struggling garden. He decides to help the plants grow, never imagining what he is starting. As time passes, the garden takes on a life of its own and spreads across the city, changing everything in its path. Bit by bit, the city is transformed, becoming a lush green world. The Curious Garden is the story of a boy's dream and how the efforts of one small person can help change the world.

Grade Level: K-1
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


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Crum, Shutta

It's a hot day on the farm, and a little girl, her brother, and their mother are trying to cool off by the pond. Suddenly, dark clouds roll in. A thunder-boomer is on the way! The storm brings pounding rain and hail—and an unexpected visitor: a soggy wet stray kitten. Colorful descriptions of the storm are accompanied by lots of playful sound effects in this free-verse poem.

Grade Level: K-2
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Let's Do Nothing!

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Fucile, Tony

Frankie and Sal have already played every sport and board game invented, baked and eaten batches of cookies, and painted a zillion pictures. What's left to do? Nothing! Ten seconds of nothing! Can they do it? Can they act like stone statues in the park? Can they simply hold their breath and not blink an eye? Feature film animator Tony Fucile demonstrates the Zen-like art of doing nothing… oops! Couldn't do it!

Grade Level: K-2
Publisher: Candlewick Press


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Gall, Chris

Millions of years ago, DINOTRUX ruled the earth! These mighty part-truck, part-dino creatures rumbled, plowed and bulldozed their way through the centuries, demolishing anything in their path. Whatever happened to the Dinotrux? A bonus foldout page inside reveals all!

Grade Level: K-2
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


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Kajikawa, Kimiko

Ojiisan, the oldest and wealthiest man in the village, doesn't join the others at the rice ceremony. Instead he watches from his balcony. He feels something is coming — something he can't describe. When he sees the monster wave pulling away from the beach, he knows. Tsunami! But the villagers below can't see the danger. Will Ojiisan risk everything he has to save them? Can he? Illustrated in collage by Caldecott winner Ed Young, here is the unforgettable story of how one man's simple sacrifice saved hundreds of lives.

Grade Level: K-2+
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)


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Long, Loren

Loren Long has created a story that is powerful in its simplicity and timelessness. A new age group will fall in love with Otis, the friendly little tractor. Let the cries of putt puff puttedy chuff begin!

Grade Level: K-1
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)

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Prairie Pasque Award Nominees

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The Prairie Bud, Prairie Bloom & Prairie Pasque Children's Book Awards are sponsored by the South Dakota Library Association . Prairie Bud winners are determined by South Dakota kindergarten, first and second grade students. Prairie Pasque winners are determined by South Dakota third, fourth, and fifth grade students. Students are encouraged to read and vote for their one favorite book of the year from the masterlists of titles. The books receiving the most votes from the students win the awards. A committee of educators and librarians select the books nominated for the awards.

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