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Children's & Youth Services | South Dakota Children's Book Awards | Classroom and School Ideas

Classroom and School Ideas

Award Ideas for Students Who Have Read All Nominated Titles:

  • Host a celebration for the classes that read all nominated titles:
    • A game day
    • An afternoon of arts and crafts centers with activities related to each book
  • Host a celebration for students who read all nominated titles:
    • A popcorn and movie party
    • A readers breakfast
    • A pizza party lunch
  • Partner with local businesses or the PTO to provide students with awards or host a raffle including books, gift certificates, movie passes, etc.
  • Present certificates to students who read all nominated titles.
  • Profile students who have read all nominated titles in the features in the local or school newspaper.

Ideas for All Students and Classrooms:

  • Have students make book trailers or record book talks for each of the nominated titles. Set up a viewing area for all students to access them.
  • Create posters and/or bulletin boards to attract attention to the books.
  • Read an exciting passage from different books-just enough to spark interest.
  • Assume the role of a character and give a book talk from this perspective.
  • Share interesting tidbits that students can look for when they read the books during daily announcements to entice students.
  • Read nominated titles to students if the readability to the book is higher than the students' reading ability.
  • Challenge students to find information about the authors using the State Library eresources. Have students share what they learned during book discussions.
  • Sponsor a bookmark and book cover contests.
  • Make "I voted" stickers or buttons using the South Dakota Children's Book Awards logos to give students after they participate in voting.
  • Set up a photo booth with props that represent the nominated titles.
  • Have students write letters to the authors, alternate book endings, etc.
  • Produce a Reader's Theater using one-or all- of the books. Write articles for the school newspaper about the awards and the books that have been nominated. The book reviews could appear in issues throughout the year. Contact your local newspaper to see if they are interested in a book review column.
  • Sponsor a Celebrity Day. Invite community leaders to share in reading the nominated books.
  • Have a contest for the class that has the most participation in reading and voting.
  • Work the nominated books into classroom lessons.
  • Hang posters announcing the book awards throughout the school.
  • Give each child a bookmark for keeping track of books read.
  • Have the students write book reviews that can be available for all students when they select books to check out.
  • Have a drawing. Each nominated book read offers a chance to win.
  • Take pictures and videos of students reading the nominated titles that can be showcased during school events, open houses, parent-teacher conferences, etc.

The Prairie Bud, Prairie Bloom & Prairie Pasque Children's Book Awards are sponsored by the South Dakota Library Association . Prairie Bud winners are determined by South Dakota pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade students. Prairie Bloom winners are determined by South Dakota second and third grade students. Prairie Pasque winners are determined by South Dakota fourth and fifth grade students. Students are encouraged to read and vote for their one favorite book of the year from the masterlists of titles. The books receiving the most votes from the students win the awards. A committee of educators and librarians select the books nominated for the awards.

The South Dakota Library Association (SDLA) is a statewide organization representing libraries, library employees, library trustees, and library supporters. SDLA provides leadership and educational opportunities, and supports its members in meetgin the challenges of providing quality library service to all South Dakotans.

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