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Library Training Institue Teen Programming and Services

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Upon checking in, all Instituters will be given a USB drive with files that they should need for the week's training. The files below are available for download for your future reference. Some files and links, marked by large icons, have been added during the week of Institute.

Sheryl Feinstein

Jasmine Rockwell, SDSL

  • ASSIGNMENT: All Institute students need to bring a copy of their Materials Reconsideration policy and photos of their teen space if they have one. If they don't have a teen space, they need to bring photos from several different angles of their library interior in general. These should be in an electronic version – either on a flash drive or they can put them on Dropbox and share the link with us ahead of time. They will be using all of this during 2 of 3 classes, as they will have some time to work on their policies and spaces during class time. They will also be working collaboratively with others in the class so these documents & policies need to be easily shared.
  • YALSA Teen Spaces YALSA teen spaces P D F file
  • Banned Challenged Books Banned Challenged Books Presentation Handout P D F file
  • Creating Your Own Trail Creating Your Own Trail Presentation Handout P D F file
  • Designing Spaces and Collections Designing Spaces and Collections Presentation Handout P D F file

Alissa Adams, SDSL

Stephen Tofoya, RCPL

Carrie Johnson, NDSU
Kathleen Slocum, SDSL

SDSU files and links

LTI files and links

If you have any questions contact Kathleen Slocum at the South Dakota State Library. You can email her (Email Link ) or 605-773-8438 or 1-800-423-6665.

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The Library Training Institute is funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The character of "Madam Bookworm" was created by artist Michael McGourty for the South Dakota State Library. Please respect our arrangement and do not reuse or alter the artwork for your own needs.

LSTA Files
Library Services and Technology Act South Dakota State Library Five Year Plan: 2018-2022
p d f file

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Kathleen Slocum EMAIL
Continuing Education Coordinator
605-773-3131, Option 5, 2

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