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Library Outreach/ LSTA | Training Opportunities | Library Training Institute | Schedule - 2018

Schedule - 2018 Institute

Library Training Institue Teen Programming and Services


June 3

6 - 8 pm

Information and pre-test

Kathleen Slocum, SDSL

June 4

8:30 am - Noon


Family Place Libraries
- files

Jenna Neuberger & Beth Berg, Siouxland Libraries

June 4

1 pm - 5 pm

RCPL CHAOS: Makerspaces
- file

Carrie Bond, RCPL

June 5

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Early Childhood Literacy
- files

Saroj Ghoting

June 6

8 am - Noon

Children's author & Storyteller
- file

Jean Patrick

June 6

1 pm - 4 pm

Partnerships: The School Library + The Public Library
- files

Alissa Adams, SDSL

June 7

8:30 am - Noon

Early Literacy and Programming
- files

Beth Samenus, VPL

June 7

1 pm - 3 pm

Review Supercharged Storytime
- files

Kathleen Slocum, SDSL

Questions & Answers

Daria Bossman, SDSL

June 8

8 - 11 am

Review, Final Exam and Graduation

Daria Bossman, SDSL

Kathleen Slocum, SDSL

Course Outline Daily Schedule - 2018 Institute

Sunday June 3th

Instructor: Kathleen Slocum
Pretest will be given with additional resources and reference information discussed and handed out to the students to study throughout the week

Monday June 4th

Instructor: Jenna Neuberger & Beth Berg
Course: Family Place Libraries
- files

Instructor: Carrie Bond, RCPL
Course: RCPL CHAOS/ makerspaces

Tuesday June 5th

Instructor: Saroj Ghoting
Course: Stretching Your Story times and stretching Yourself: Building on Child Development to Become More Responsive to Newborn to Five-Year-Olds
- files

Wednesday June 6th

Instructor: Jean Patrick / Mitchell Public Library
Course: Children's author and Storyteller
- files

Instructor: Alissa Adams; School Library Technology Coordinator, SD State Library
Course: Partnerships: The School Library + The Public Library
- files

Thursday June 7th

Instructor: Beth Samenus
Course: Early STEM Literacy
- files

Instructor: Kathleen Slocum
Course: Review Supercharged Storytime/Kathleen Slocum
- files

Questions & Answers: Daria Bossman

Friday June 8th

Instructor: Kathleen Slocum
Take final examination and graduation ceremony with group picture

If you have any questions contact Kathleen Slocum at the South Dakota State Library. You can email her (Email Link ) or 605-773-8438 or 1-800-423-6665.

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The Library Training Institute is funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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Library Services and Technology Act South Dakota State Library Five Year Plan: 2018-2022
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