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Copyright and Public Domain

Copyright law is an issue that libraries must deal with almost daily. The answer to any copyright question is “It depends.” Digital Right Management, fair use, licensing, Creative Commons, permissions—these are a few of the terms to know.

Public Domain materials are no longer in copyright (published before 1923) or never were copyrighted. They may be freely used without permission. Two popular sites of compiled digitized public domain materials are:

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Libraries of South Dakota


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Disaster Preparedness

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ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG) . All new library buildings or buildings that are undergoing substantial remodeling must be compliant with the federal Americans with Disabilites Act.

Public Library Space Needs: A Planning Outline . The state of Wisconsin has published a very helpful guide for determining space needs for public libraries. Whether you are planning a totally new building, an addition, or just a reorganization of the space you already have, this guide will assist in providing adequate space for technology, for staff work areas, etc. A print copy of this guide is available for loan if you cannot download from this site.

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Administrative Rules and South Dakota Codified Laws pertaining to libraries in South Dakota.

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Policies and Procedures

South Dakota Public Library Standards

Public Library Standards

The South Dakota Public Library Certification/Accreditation Standards were originally developed and administered by the South Dakota Library Association. In June 2008, the SDLA Board voted to move the administration of both the Certification and the Accreditation Standards to the South Dakota State Library. If you have questions about the Librarian Certification or Library Accreditation process, call the State Library at 605-773-3131.

The purpose of the accreditation process is to encourage the ongoing development of quality library service in the state.

Office of Intellectual Freedom (ALA)

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Libraries and the Internet Toolkit from ALA.


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More Administration Links

LSTA Files
Library Services and Technology Act South Dakota State Library Five Year Plan: 2018-2022
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More Publications

SDSL Public Library Trustee Wiki
A general overview of trustee duties and responsibilities, issues, and skills to develop.

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"State Library recognizes 21st Century School Libraries
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State Library Board
July 11, 2019: Pierre

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