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South Dakota Public Library Standards is a self-evaluation tool. The purpose of the voluntary certification and accreditation program for public libraries and librarians in South Dakota is to encourage the ongoing development of quality library service in the state. In particular, these standards are intended to:

  • Provide a tool to assess the quality of library service
  • Identify areas needing improvement
  • Aid libraries in gaining maximum community support

Accreditation applications will be submitted online this year through the same account that you submit your annual report and are accepted from September 14 through December 18, 2018. To prepare for accreditation, you may use these Guidelines downloadable PDF document of Accreditation Guidelines (Accreditation Guidelines last revised January, 2017).

Applications will only be accepted through Counting Opinions . Applications that are printed, faxed or emailed will not be accepted. A printed application will be available for your records.

For a listing of accredited South Dakota Public Libraries, please continue here.

The purpose of the voluntary certification and accreditation program for public libraries and librarians in South Dakota is to encourage the ongoing development of quality library service in the state.

The manual is divided into three sections by level of accreditation. Each section is then divided into the following categories:

  • Governance
  • Administration
  • Access
  • Collections and Resources
  • Funding
  • Staffing
  • Technology
  • Public Relations

Each standard is presented as a statement, allowing the library to easily determine whether it meets or does not meet the criteria. There are three levels of accreditation:

  • ESSENTIAL — the minimum which should be available to all
  • ENHANCED — an expansion of services beyond the basic
  • EXEMPLARY — the highest level of service


The South Dakota State Library oversees a voluntary certification program for South Dakota public library directors and library staff. The goals of this program are to help library directors and staff acquire, maintain, and develop skills through continuing education in order to provide better library service to their communities. Through this program, the State Library recognizes public library directors and staff who update their knowledge and skills on a continuing basis.

An individual's certification is valid for three (3) years. To renew at the same level will require 30 contact hours of continuing education during that 3-year period.

Deadline for the application is September 5, 2018.

Paperwork and application must be postmarked to Kathleen Slocum, CE Coordinator SDSL, no later than September 3, 2018, to be considered this year. Please contact Kathleen at the SDSL if you have any questions, 605-773-3131.

Forms for Certification

Applicants must supply a diploma, transcripts, and/or approved contact hours form (above) for SDSL committee approval.

A listing of the South Dakota librarians who have received certification is available here.

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Library Services and Technology Act South Dakota State Library Five Year Plan: 2018-2022
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