SD ALS Online Catalog

The SD ALS Online Catalog is an Internet based online catalog and ordering site. If you are a registered patron of the SD ALS, you have access to all the books in this library. This catalog includes Braille (mostly children's books) and Twin Vision (both print and Braille in one book).

SD ALS Online Catalog

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page from Twin Vision Braille book with text, illustration, and with overlay of Braille allowing the visually impaired to read the book with anybody else.

Twin Vision Braille books allow visually impaired to read with anybody else: grandparents to grandchildren, friends, and classrooms.

Descriptive Videos

Borrow great blockbuster movies on DVD or Blu-Ray from the SD ALS! The movies include audio tracks that carefully describe the visual elements of the movie-action, characters, locations, costumes, and sets-without interfering with the dialogue or sound effects.

dvd boxes with popcorn and movie ticket.

Descriptive Videos bring the movies to you.

BARD mobile app on phone.

BARD mobile app on personal device like phone or tablet.

magazines and corresponding cartridge for ALS digital players.

Magazines such as Dakota Farmer, Dakota Country, South Dakota Magazine, and South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Conservation Digest are also produced in audio format, in cartridges for ALS digital players.