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The South Dakota State Library's main phone lines are 1-605-773-3131 or 1-800-423-6665 (SD Only). The option numbers listed below are used with these main phone lines.


Administration (Option 6)

Brenda Hemmelman Interim State Librarian 1-605-773-3131
Quynn Verhelst Senior Secretary 1-605-773-5055
Sarah Easter Secretary 1-605-773-3132
Wynne Nafus Sayer Information Officer/ Webmaster 1-605-773-2704

Braille and Talking Book Library (Option 1)

Kate Kosior Braille and Talking Book Library Manager 1-605-773-5081
Marcia Kaup Reader Advisor 1-605-773-6609
Lynette Thum Reader Advisor 1-605-773-3514
Lynda Lowin Educational Materials Coordinator and Reader Advisor 1-605-773-4914
Josh Easter Equipment and Audio Production Manager 1-605-773-5082
Mike Smith Library Technician 1-605-773-5064

Interlibrary Loan, South Dakota Share-It, and Cataloging (Option 2)

Dustin Larmore Interlibrary Loan/Cataloging Librarian 1-605-773-5068
Nina Mentzel Metadata Librarian 1-605-280-6911
Paul Giovanetti Acquisitions Library Associate 1-605-773-5074

Reference, Government Publications, and Digitization (Option 4)

Brenda Hemmelman Collection Services Librarian 1-605-773-5075
Barb Nickolas Government Publications/Library Associate 1-605-773-5083
Carlie Peterson Digital Library Associate 1-605-773-8477
Mary Schumacher Digital Library Associate 1-605-773-5071

Library Outreach (Option 5)

Laura Kelly Children & Youth Services Coordinator 1-605-773-5066
Kathleen Slocum Continuing Education Coordinator 1-605-773-8438
Kim Bonen Digital Resources Coordinator 1-605-295-3174
Cheyenne Chontos Library Technology Coordinator 1-605-295-4330
Scottie Bruch School Library Technology Coordinator 1-605-295-3152
Shawn Behrends State Data Coordinator 1-605-280-5834