South Dakota Braille and Talking Book 2021 Summer Reading Program features farm animals reading with words Tales and Tails

2021 Summer Reading Program

The 2021 SD Braille and Talking Book Library Summer Reading program runs for six weeks, from June 14 through July 25, 2021. The 2021 theme for this year is Tails and Tales, with a focus on animals and stories.


It's time to draw the winners!! Congrats to everyone who completed your charts and mailed them in!



It's time to turn in your reading charts! In this week's video, we review what we've done in the past six weeks! We've been really busy! From pigs and bears to alligators and snakes, and even rabbits! Thank you so much for tuning in every week with us! Keep Reading!


Josh has one desire this week: to see real animals with tails! Josh, Lynda and Leah find themselves transported to Yucca Valley Rabbitry where they learn all about rabbits. Wendall Tisher raises New Zealand rabbits in the colors white, black, red and broken which only means that they are spotted or mixed colors with white. Their fur is very soft and their tails curl up into a puff ball. While rabbits do make good pets, people must provide a safe habitat or enclosure, including hiding electric cables and protect wooden furniture. They also talk about what rabbits eat, how rabbits communicate with each other, and all about baby rabbits, also known as kits!


Welcome to week 5 of Summer Reading! Josh and Lynda share facts and fun about man's best friend, the dog! They talk about what a dog's wagging tail means. They discuss the most popular dogs in the United States, South Dakota, and the rest of the world. Did you know, the largest dog in the world was Zorba, a 343-pound Mastiff and the smallest dog in the world is Miracle Milly at 3.8 inches tall!


Lynda and Josh welcome us back to week four of Summer Reading! This week we have crafts with Quynn: Tails and Tales edition!

Participating BTBL patrons should have received a large package in the mail. Please make sure you have a cleared area to work. This package includes three bags labeled "Alligator", "Jungle Carpet Python" and "Green Tree Python". Follow along with Quynn to do the Alligator and the Jungle Carpet Python crafts. Enjoy facts about alligators, pythons and reptiles while we work on the crafts.

Thank you to Quynn for demonstrating these crafts for us! Additional thanks to these following sites for the craft projects:

Disclosure: The South Dakota Braille and Talking Book Library did purchase the Paper chain snake craft from for the purpose of this week's summer reading activity.


Josh and Lynda welcome us to our 3rd week of Summer Reading! We talk about bears: different colored bears, bears wearing clothes, and stories about real bears.

Perky the Panda Bear is featured, as he is the mascot of the Perkins School of the Blind.

Josh and Lynda read Belly Button by Odds Bodkin.

If you have not signed up for this summer reading program, it's not too late. This program is built for the patrons of the Braille and Talking Book Library, but we don't mind at all if others want to watch our videos.

The Braille and Talking Book Library will be closed next Monday in honor of Independence Day, so look for the next video on Tuesday, July 6. Registered patrons will receive another packet in the mail, and please don't open until next week's video!


Josh reminds us to check our mail for a special surprise - your own tail! You should have received a white furry tail!

This week, Kate Kosior, Braille and Talking Book Manager reads two stories about animals and their tails to a group of children.

The first book is Why Koala has a Stumpy Tail by Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss.

The second book is Whose Tail is This by Peg Hall.

Kate and the children enjoyed reading these books with you! Tune in next week for another fun Summer Reading Tale about Tails!

Thank you to Leah, Natalie, Corinne, Martin and Alfred for joining us today!

June 14

Lynda checks in with us for the Official first week of the SD Braille and Talking Book Library Summer Reading program.

Since this year's theme is Tails and Tales, Lynda talks about an animal with a tail that is featured in many books (in our library). Two clues about the animal are the book titles "Mercy Watson to the Rescue" and "Charlotte's Web". What animal could that be? If you guess a pig, that's right!

Lynda shows some pictures of pigs, the first one being a little baby pig, also known as a piglet. The pictures also show how pigs can have different colors including pink, red, black or spotted. Pigs have large ears, small eyes, and a great nose called a snout. Pigs can weigh up to 300-700 pounds. The world record pig was named Big Bill, and he weighed 2,552 pounds! Adult pigs can run up to 11 miles an hour, and are very intelligent.

Domestic pigs have curly tails. Wild pigs have straight tails. Their tails can also be an indicator of their health. Pigs also wag their tails when they are happy and content.

If you had a pig or a piglet, what would you name it?

Let Josh know if you need more books to read and if you have any questions. Next week we will have a special guest speaker! Watch the mail for your own tail!


Early Birds!

Lynda and Josh welcome the patrons to the first week of Summer Reading! Congratulations to the 34 patrons who have signed up early! Josh explains the reading chart that comes with a stackable crayon (8 colors stack together). Please remember to only color one square/shape per day. This chart will last for the whole program (6 weeks).

This year, Lynda and Josh plan to host weekly talks about Tails and Tales. Registered patrons will receive emails for upcoming events (videos posted both here and on Facebook). Feel free to bring a friend - a friend that has a tail would be great!

Today's video is an early bird drawing. The prize is a plush horse, with a soft, brown coat. Lynda's friend Frenchy, the plush curly dog, eagerly spins the wheel (on Josh's computer). Congratulations to Jeren S.!

Contact Lynda if you need more books to read and if you have any questions. Watch for future emails!

About the Program

Those who return their reading chart at the end of the program will be entered into drawings for an Android tablet and four $50 gift cards. Everyone who returns their reading chart by August 4, 2021 will be entered into the drawing AND will receive a surprise!

If you have any questions or would like to request specific books to read or if you want to read using the BARD mobile app on tablets and smartphones, contact Lynda for assistance.

This program is for SDBTBL patrons age Birth-19 years old.

  • Registration/Questions
  • Return chart by August 4, 2021 to:
    SD B&TB
    800 Governors Drive
    Pierre, SD 57501
  • Remember to return the books you've checked out!

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