Descriptive videos are movies that are especially for the enjoyment of people who are blind or visually impaired. The movies carefully describe the visual elements of the movie-action, characters, locations, costumes, and sets-without interfering with the dialogue or sound effects. To enjoy these movies and hear the descriptions, all you need is a regular DVD or Blu-Ray player and a television.


  • You may borrow one or two movies at a time and put others on your request list
  • The loan period is two weeks. We have only one copy of each movie so please return videos promptly so that others have a chance to enjoy them too.
  • There is a replacement fee (the cost of replacement plus a $5.00 processing fee) for damaged or lost DVDs.
  • If you are experiencing trouble with the videos or have any questions about descriptive videos, please contact the BTBL.

    1-800-423-6665 (in SD Only)   1-605-773-3131   Email
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