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1-800-423-6665 (in SD Only) or 1-605-773-3131

For Accessible Library Services
Press or say 1


  • If you are interested in becoming a patron
    Press or say 5
  • For adult patrons with last names beginning with A through L or for patrons age 18 and under, schools, textbooks or educational materials
    Press or say 1
  • For adult patrons age 19 and over, with last names beginning with M through Z
    Press or say 2
  • For libraries and facilities or for adults residing in facilities
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  • For talking book machines, volunteers and recording studios or outreach
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  • For Newsline, E-readers, or for any other questions,
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  • Press 0 to get to the operator

Reader Advisors

Reader Advisors help patrons with checking out items from the library as well as any other request they may have regarding SD ALS.

  • for books, magazines, or descriptive videos
  • to help select books for the patron, by indicating what type of books are preferred
  • to discuss the number of books the patron is receiving
  • to renew a book (standard loan period is six weeks)
  • to change address
  • to put a hold on books should the patron go on vacation
  • for equipment (digital players)