2021 Social Club Recap!

September: Spelling Bee

This year's national spelling bee was the talk of the country for a time. Think you've got what it takes to be the best speller in South Dakota, or at least in our Zoom call? Step right up and try! All words will be randomly selected from the spelling bee guide list in years past.

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October: Poetry Slam

Join your fellow poets as we write poems about fall and Halloween together. You don't have to be particularly good at it or have any experience, just open to having fun and trying something new. At the end, we will share our creations and enjoy the poetry of our fellow writers. Poems will be shared in our November newsletter!

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November: Trivia Fun!

We'll be working our way through a twenty-question trivia quiz about both Thanksgiving and books. Come on and see how smart you are!

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December: Book Club

Together we will discuss Philip Gulley's hilarious and heartwarming The Christmas Scrapbook, part of the Harmony series, which is easily available on both BARD and cartridges on demand.

2022: Upcoming Social Hours

We are continuing our virtual programming through the fall and into the winter months, as we've had a lovely group of people attending our programs and the staff have really enjoyed it! We hope you will consider getting involved in our upcoming events! Here's what we're rolling out through March 2022.