Call us:

1-800-423-6665 (in SD Only) or 1-605-773-3131

For Braille and Talking Book, Press 1

  • For adult patrons whose last names begin with letters A though G, and
    for Children/Young Adults, schools, textbooks, or educational materials,
    press 1 for Lynda, Reader Advisor
  • For adult patrons whose last names begin with letters H through Z,
    press 2 for Lynette, Reader Advisor
  • For libraries, facilities, or people residing in facilities, and
    for anyone interested in becoming a patron,
    press 3 for Marcia, Reader Advisor
  • For Talking Book machines, volunteers, and other questions,
    press 4 for Josh, Equipment and Volunteer Coordinator

Reader Advisors

Reader Advisors help patrons with checking out items from the library as well as any other request they may have regarding the SD BTBL.

  • for books, magazines, or descriptive videos
  • to help select books for the patron, by indicating what type of books are preferred
  • to discuss the number of books the patron is receiving
  • to renew a book (standard loan period is six weeks)
  • to change address
  • to put a hold on books should the patron go on vacation
  • for equipment (digital players)