Jump Start workshops are hosted in person and virtually, and scheduled for various dates and times to fit every librarian's needs.

What to expect

  • Each person at your library planning to attend should register separately.
  • CECH hours include attending the workshop and watching assigned materials/video.
    • In-Person workshop = 5 CECH
    • Virtual workshop = 3 CECH

Registration opens December 4, 2023 through January 31, 2024.

The first 80 registering libraries will again receive a CSLP voucher code for $50 (one per library) to be used at the CSLP's online shop by March 8th. Vouchers will be sent by email soon after registration is received. (Only the first registrant from each library will receive the code. Please talk with your registering staff and trustees to determine who will be utilizing the code.)

Additional workshop details specific to location and Jump Start videos will be available through Canvas after registering, beginning Feb 5.


The Department of Education, of which the SD State Library is a division, is excited to present a new professional learning platform.

All items in Instructure Canvas are considered "courses" within the platform even if they are webinars, workshops, conferences, or in-person events.

If you have never enrolled in a DOE/SDSL Canvas course, please email Amanda to get your email address into the system. You will soon receive further enrollment instructions via email.

Workshops are scheduled in the following locations:


FEBRUARY 29: 10am - 2:30pm CT

A H Brown Public Library
Workshop capacity: 20

HOSTS: Karla Bieber and Staci Wilson

Alternate Date: March 7


FEBRUARY 29: 10am - 3pm CT

Lennox Community Library
Workshop capacity: 16

HOSTS: Audrea Buller and Megan Lefers

Alternate Date: March 7


MARCH 4: 10am - 3pm CT

Redfield Carnegie Library
Workshop capacity: 15

HOSTS: Sarah Jones-Lutter and Amanda Evans

Alternate Date: March 11


MARCH 14: 10am - 3pm MT

Sturgis Public Library
Workshop capacity: 25

HOSTS: Sierra Frazier-Riggs and Cindy Lord

Alternate Date: March 21


MARCH 18: 10am - 3pm CT

Cozard Memorial Library
Workshop capacity: 16

HOST: Melissa Hutmacher

Alternate Date: March 25

Virtual Workshops

HOST: Amanda Raiche, SDSL

Attend via Zoom; select one of the dates below:

  1. MARCH 12: 5pm - 7pm CT
  2. MARCH 27: 10am - 12 Noon CT


Amanda Raiche, Youth Services Coordinator: email , or 1-605-773-3131 , Option 5, 2; or 1-605-773-5066 .

Summer reading art and images are copyrighted. Contact CSLP at contact@cslpreads.org for more information.

Original theme art by Juana Martinez-Neal. Additional theme art by Methodikal.

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