#SDSummerReading2021 reached over 109,000 participants!

Plan a celebration and share your Summer Reading Numbers! Create graphs and charts to clearly represent your libraries stats to your community.

For statewide numbers read the November 24 edition of the SDSL Cornerstone .

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How to Participate!

Join your local library and attend summer reading events! Your presence counts towards our goal of 100,000 participants for 2021. Bring your family and friends too! Attend in-person, outdoor, take home or virtual programming towards our continued goal of 100,000 participants.

Take a book selfie of yourself and share on social media with #SDSummerReading2021! Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!

Share the goal by using #SDSummerReading2021 and promoting with flyers, local media and on social media.

Encourage your patrons to attend multiple events and activities because every time a person attends they are counted.

Online reading program management application for SD Libraries.

South Dakota Discovery Center: Upcoming Classes and Events

WhoFi Community Planner helps record and track library programs. This tool is free and available to all South Dakota public libraries regardless of whether you are using the WhoFi wireless session counter.

Count every attendee every time they attend.


  • a book club that meets eight times = eight programs.
  • Adults who attend Pre-K programs are counted in the Early Literacy attendance.

Count all programs, whether held on- or off-site, that are sponsored or co-sponsored by the library. Count all attendees at a program under the targeted age group of the program. Count each event in a series as a program.

  • Early Literacy (Birth to Pre-K)
  • Children (Kindergarten to age 11)
  • Teen (12 to 18)
  • Adult (19+)
  • General Interest (All-Ages)

NOTE ON HOW TO COUNT: Count all attendees at a program under the targeted age group of the program.

A general interest program session is any planned event that is appropriate for any age group or multiple age groups. Include all programs here that do not fit into the other age category elements. Each program session should only be counted in one age category based on its primary target audience; do not include program sessions here that have already been counted in earlier age category elements.

Avoid including program sessions that are targeted at more than one non-adult age category (and are not targeted at adults); these should be counted in the child or young adult age category that best represents the target audience. Examples of these types of program sessions include, but are not limited to family game nights and holiday events.

IN-PERSON programs: Count both in-library and off-site programs that are sponsored by the library.

LIVE VIRTUAL programs: Programs that are conducted via web conferencing or webinar platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, during which a staff member (or other party sponsored by the library) is presenting to or interacting with an audience in real time.

RECORDED programs: Video or audio recordings created by a library staff person (or other party sponsored by the library) and posted to a video or audio hosting platform for the audience to view or listen to on-demand. Views of recorded programs can be counted for the first seven days after the program posted.

PASSIVE ACTIVITY programs: Activities prepared by library staff that could be delivered to participants without expectation of staff interaction to complete the activity. Examples include: Take & make craft bags, story walks, social media challenges.

Find more information at libguides

Statistics should be submitted online through your public or school library's annual report portal at sd.countingopinions.com . Sign in using your library's annual report account credentials. Select the Summer Reading Program Survey from the Collection menu. Questions please contact Laura Kelly .

Survey Deadline Extended: September 3, 2021.

Plan a 100,000 celebration!

Children and Youth Services Coordinator

Laura Kelly

1-605-773-3131 (Option 5, 1)