a new technology plan for 2023. webinar november 29 or december 1. red image of project management theme with person working on laptop


Cheyenne Chontos, SDSL Library Technology Coordinator, will be offering the webinar "A New Technology Plan for a New Year," which will provide librarians, library staff, and trustees with practical tips for creating a technology plan for 2023 and beyond.


This hour-long webinar will provide an overview of how library administration, staff, and board members can work together to create a successful technology plan. We will cover how to form a technology plan team, walk step-by-step through how to write your technology plan, and discuss strategies to ensure that the technology plan is followed effectively - even months and years after the plan was originally written. We will practice writing technology-related goals, and participants will be given tools to use after the webinar to help them throughout the technology plan writing process.

This webinar is recommended for libraries that do not currently have a technology plan or libraries that would like to update their current technology plan.


Library Technology Coordinator

Cheyenne Chontos