This Library Methods On-Demand online course focuses on how you can support entrepreneurs and small business owners in your libraries and in your communities. This course has specific resources and information for school, public, and academic libraries.

Fully online and self-paced via Canvas (suggested time frame is one month)

Earn 15 CECHs from SDSL


  • Students will learn about entrepreneurs and the challenges they face.
  • Students will discover what resources are available to them that will help them better support the entrepreneurial-minded, the entrepreneurs, and the small business owners in their communities.
  • Students will establish a vision and goals for how their library will support entrepreneurs.
  • Students will explore the resources that are available to share with their patrons.
  • Students will get inspiration and ideas from librarians who are already providing support for entrepreneurs.
  • Students will set their goals for their library in their endeavor to become a hub for entrepreneurial support, resources, and services.
  • Students will create a Minimal Viable Product for their library that will serve as a resource, service, or program for entrepreneurs.
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