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Three… Two… One… Blastoff to the 2019 Jump Start summer reading workshops!


Jumpstart Mini Manual
Filled with more ideas and projects, this manual adds as a supplement to the 2019 CSLP Manual. Projects are formatted so that pages can be printed and shared with patrons if desired.

Jumpstart Slides
- Laura Kelly

Space Science Resources from the SD Discovery Center
Thanks to the NASA SD Space Grant Consortium for making this professional development opportunity available to introduce libraries to space science related resources to enhance SD libraries summer reading programs.

Breakout Box Files!


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South Dakota Discovery Center

SD DOE: Summer Food Service Program

2019 Jump Start Supply list

2019 SR Booklist


The links below will lead your library to NASA website where you can request speakers or exhibits from NASA and or purchase surplus materials.
- Amanda Jensen


Rocket Craft
- Barb Vander Vorst

Jumpstart 2019 Files and Links Photo Gallery


Please direct any questions to Laura Kelly, email , or 1-605-773-3131 , Option 5, 2; 1-605-773-8438 .

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Summer reading art and images are copyrighted. Contact CSLP at contact@cslpreads.org for more information.

ARTISTS: Leeza Hernandez, Early Literature Children's Theme; Antonio Caparo, Teen Theme; and Larry Jones, Adult Theme.

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