NASA@ My Library is a national earth and space science initiative that connects NASA, public libraries and their communities.


THe NASA @ My Library kits assist library staff in facilitating programs around exciting NASA science topics and STEM learning opportunities.

There are two kits to choose from:

  • Kit 1: Sun-Earth-Moon Connections
    Includes Reaching for the Moon book and curriculum Guide. Assembled activity featured is "UV Kid!"
  • Kit 2: Be a NASA Detective -- Expanding your Senses
    Includes four additional books about water and Hand-On Engineering Activies. Assembled activity featured is "Turtle and Salamander Beading"

Upcoming Eclipses

NASA studies solar eclipses on the ground, in our atmosphere, and in space, influencing solar and Earth science.

Eclipse Resources

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What is in the Kits?

Kit 1

The Sun-Earth-Moon Connections Kit focuses on activities and experiences that better help patrons understand their place in space, and how the Sun and Moon impact our planet.

kit includes manuals, books, binoculars, beads, colored pipe cleaners, cards, and many more items

Kit 2

The Be A NASA Detective: Expanding Your Senses Kit focuses on activities and experiences that help patrons (and library staff!) be more comfortable using tools of science, and making predictions based on their observations.

kit includes binoculars, Telescope, books, pencils, sensors, scale, magnets, and many more items

Kit 2: Native American

Duplicated and expanded from Kit 2, the Native American kit includes books and resources featuring scientific literature and information on traditional Lakota Star Knowledge with D(L)akota Star Map included.

Kit 2: Accessible Library Services Edition

Duplicated and adapted from Kit 2, this kit has been developed in accessible formats for visually impaired students, including books in braille, twin vision and audio formats, and the APH Sense of Science Astronomy kit .

Developed by STAR Net's NASA@ My Library team, these kits assist library staff in facilitating programs around exciting NASA science mission topics.

Who is Eligible?

This project is open to all public libraries in South Dakota. The project is designed to increase and enhance STEM learning opportunities for library patrons throughout the state and especially aimed at geographical areas and populations currently underserved in STEM education.