Winners Announced for 2020 2021 Childrens Book Awards
Prairie Bud Winner

Tiger Vs. Nightmare by Emily Tetri

  • 2nd: Don't Blink! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  • 3rd: We Don't Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins
Prairie Bloom Winner

The Epic Adventures of Huggie & Stick by Drew Daywalt

  • 2nd: Once Upon a Slime by Andy Maxwell
  • 3rd: Sparks! by Ian Boothby
Prairie Pasque Winner

Bob by Wendy Mass

  • 2nd: Countdown: 2979 Days to the Moon by Suzanne Slade
  • 3rd: Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee




Ocean Meets Sky Terry Fan Prairie Bud (JK-1st)
We Don't Eat Our Classmates Ryan T. Higgins Prairie Bud (JK-1st)
I Walk with Vanessa: A Story About a Simple Act of Kindness Kerascoët Prairie Bud (JK-1st)
Drawn Together Minh Lê Prairie Bud (JK-1st)
A Most Unusual Day Sydra Mallery   Prairie Bud (JK-1st)
Prickley Hedgehogs! Jane McGuinness   Prairie Bud (JK-1st)
Don't Blink! Amy Krouse Rosenthal Prairie Bud (JK-1st)
Thank You, Earth: A Love Letter to Our Planet April Pulley Sayre   Prairie Bud (JK-1st)
First Laugh Welcome Baby! Rose Ann Tahe Prairie Bud (JK-1st)
Tiger vs. Nightmare Emily Tetri Prairie Bud (JK-1st)


Sparks! Ian Boothby Prairie Bloom (2nd-3rd)
The Epic Adventures of Huggie & Stick Drew Daywalt | Prairie Bloom (2nd-3rd)
No Boring Stories! Julie Falatko Prairie Bloom (2nd-3rd)
Once Upon a Slime Andy Maxwell | Prairie Bloom (2nd-3rd)
The Eye That Never Sleeps: How Detective Pinkerton Saved President Lincoln Marissa Moss Prairie Bloom (2nd-3rd)
Me and My Fear Francesca Sanna   Prairie Bloom (2nd-3rd)
So Tall Within: Sojourner Truth's Long Walk Toward Freedom Gary D. Schmidt Prairie Bloom (2nd-3rd)
The Cardboard Kingdom Chad Sell Prairie Bloom (2nd-3rd)
Otis and Will Discover the Deep: The Record-Setting Dive of the Bathysphere Barb Rosenstock Prairie Bloom (2nd-3rd)
Road Trip with Max and His Mom Linda Urban Prairie Bloom (2nd-3rd)


Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish Pablo Cartaya | Prairie Pasque (4th-5th)
Aru Shah and the End of Time Roshani Chokshi Prairie Pasque (4th-5th)
The Journey of Little Charlie Christopher Paul Curtis | Prairie Pasque (4th-5th)
The Lifters Dave Eggers | Prairie Pasque (4th-5th)
A Friendly Town That's Almost Always by the Ocean! Kir Fox & M. Shelley Coats Prairie Pasque (4th-5th)
The Magic Misfits Neil Patrick Harris | Prairie Pasque (4th-5th)
Dragon Pearl Yoon Ha Lee | Prairie Pasque (4th-5th)
Bob Wendy Mass | Prairie Pasque (4th-5th)
Countdown: 2979 Days to the Moon Suzanne Slade Prairie Pasque (4th-5th)
Just Like Jackie Lindsey Stoddard | Prairie Pasque (4th-5th)

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2020-2021 Downloads

Four full color bookmarks will print on white lettersize paper (cardstock if available) and trim.

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