Prairie Awards

The Prairie Bud, Prairie Bloom, and Prairie Pasque Children's Book Awards are sponsored by the South Dakota Library Association . Prairie Bud winners are determined by South Dakota PreK, kindergarten, and first grade students. Prairie Bloom winner are determined by South Dakota second and third grade students. Prairie Pasque winners are determined by South Dakota fourth and fifth grade students. Students are encouraged to read and give a star rating for any book they read from the masterlists of titles. The books receiving the most highest number of stars from the students win the awards. A committee of educators and librarians select the books nominated for the awards.

For the Middle School and High School book awards, see South Dakota Teen Choice Awards.

For questions, contact the SD Library Association book awards committee .

The South Dakota Children's Book Awards has a long history of fostering a love of reading. The Prairie Pasque Award was first given in 1987 to Ivy Ruckman for her book, Night of the Twisters. Other winners include Phyllis Reynolds Naylor for Shiloh, David Pateneaude for Someone Was Watching, and Louis Sachar for Holes.

Created by the Prairie Valley Reading Council, the Prairie Bud Award has been given annually since 1998. The Prairie Bud Award was first given to Patricia Rae Wolff for her book, Toll-Bridge Troll. Other winners include Bill Grossman for My Little Sister Ate One Hare and Joan Steiner for Look-Alikes.

Until 2016, the Prairie Bud winners were determined by South Dakota kindergarten through second grade students and Prairie Pasque winners were determined by South Dakota third through fifth grade students. The Prairie Bloom award was introduced to better gear to reading levels.

Download the following files for use in your library:

  • Bookmarks
    Four full color bookmarks will print on white lettersize paper (cardstock if available) and trim.
  • Reader Certificates:
    Full color, lettersized certificates that are ready to personalize for students.
  • Labels for Nominee:
    Ensure the file prints at 100% or "Actual Size" as some systems may default to other settings and may result in printing errors.
    • Avery 5160: PDF | Word , Rectangle
      1" x 2 5/8", 30 per sheet (10 per award)
    • Avery 5293: PDF | Word , Round
      1 2/3" dia., 24 per sheet (8 per award)
    • Avery 5294: PDF | Word , Round
      2.5" dia., 12 per sheet (4 per award)
  • Labels for Winners :
    Ensure the file prints at 100% or "Actual Size" as some systems may default to other settings and may result in printing errors.
    • Avery 5293: PDF , Round
      1 2/3" dia., 24 per sheet (8 per award)
    • Avery 5294: PDF , Round
      2.5" dia., 12 per sheet (4 per award)

For year-specific file downloads, see: 2021-2022. New

Sneak peak to the 2022-23 Nominee list !

The graphics available below are provided for the use of educators and librarians.

  • Book Awards Badge: PNG
  • Prairie Bud Award Badge: PNG
  • Prairie Bloom Award Badge: PNG
  • Prairie Pasque Award Badge: PNG
  • Vote Today Badge: PNG

Please do not alter or edit the graphics in any form. If you must resize an image, please ensure that proportions are constrained (ie. no flattening or squishing the image to fit). These badges are all at 1:1 ratio.

Purpose: To encourage children to become enthusiastic, discriminating readers.

Participating Organizations: South Dakota Library Association ; Public Library and Trustee Section of SDLA; School Library and Media Section of SDLA; South Dakota Reading Council; South Dakota State Library; South Dakota Elementary School Administrators.

Contest Books: Contest books must meet these requirements:

  • Contest will be compiled of book titles, not selected authors.
  • Fiction and non-fiction titles may be included.
  • Books must have been published 2-3 years prior to the voting year.
  • Book titles must reflect children's reading choices.
  • T.V. or movie tie-ins will not be allowed.
  • Books must meet regular library selection standards.
  • Books must be chosen because of suitability and overall interest to children.
  • Books must be in print.
  • Books must be written by living authors.
  • Illustrations must be artistic and suitable.
  • Books may be recommended by teachers and librarians.
  • Books will be appropriate for children in:
    • Grades PreK - 1st for Prairie Bud
    • Grades 2nd - 3rd for Prairie Bloom
    • Grades 4th - 5th for Prairie Pasque

The Book Award Committee will read the books suggested by South Dakota teachers and librarians and formulate a master list of titles to be used for the book award.

Sample Parent Letter : Outlines and explains to parents what the South Dakota Children's Book Awards are. You are free to edit (copy/paste), reproduce and distribute as needed.

Sample Press Release : Use or modify this sample to help promote your school's participation in the South Dakota Children's Book Awards.

Read SD! : As part of the goal for every student to enter 4th grade proficient in reading, the South Dakota Department of Education is coordinating a reading initiative to bolster student reading achievement year round.

Voting Period: The reading of Prairie Bud, Prairie Bloom and Prairie Pasque nominees officially begins in the fall with each new school year. Awards voting begins October 1 and concludes April 1. Winning titles are announced during National Library Week each April.

Participants: Any South Dakota student in grades PreK-1 for Prairie Bud, grades 2-3 for Prairie Bloom, and grades 4-5 for Prairie Pasque may participate in voting on an annual basis.

Voting Procedures: Students may cast a ballot for any of books that he/she has read or listened to from the list of nominees by selecting all of the titles they feel would be deserving of the Prairie Bud or Prairie Bloom awards. From the Prairie Pasque list, students may vote for any of the books that they have read by ranking them on a 3-point scale.

prairie bud student vote button
prairie bloom student vote button
prairie pasque student vote button

Casting a Ballot: Awards voting is conducted through an online survey. Students may individually cast a ballot for their favorite nominated books online at their school, library, or home.

A teacher or librarian may also tally and cast votes on behalf of an entire class or school. A parent/guardian may cast votes on behalf of any children in the household that are eligible to vote. No one title can receive more votes than the total number of students indicated on the ballot. The ballots must represent votes made by PreK - 1st graders (Prairie Bud), 2nd - 3rd graders (Prairie Bloom) or 4th - 5th graders (Prairie Pasque).

Confidentiality: The online survey contains elements to ensure ethical and fair voting procedures are maintained while also maintaining student confidentiality. Students will not be asked to identify private information while voting for any of the awards.

SDLA Children's Book Awards Committee

Juliet Heltibridle, Children's Book Awards Committee Chair (Prairie Awards)

South Dakota Library Association

Children and Youth Services Coordinator

Laura Kelly

1-605-773-3131 (Option 5, 1)