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The South Dakota State Library provides a variety of general and subject-based online electronic resources/databases with statewide access.

Curated Electronic Resources

South Dakota Titles to Go

The South Dakota State Library coordinates an audiobook and ebook library provided through Overdrive. Patrons of member public libraries may sign up and check out books from the thousands of items in this electronic library.

SD State Library eCard

The South Dakota State Library provides FREE access to many electronic resources/databases in every library in SD and from home. Please note that SD residents CAN access the electronic resources/databases without needing a library card. See the GeoIP section on this page for more details.


GeoIP authenticates users by IP and geographic location, meaning as long as the user is physically in South Dakota, they are able to access most SDSL electronic resources immediately.

Simply CLICK on your desired electronic resource, and your device should take you directly to the resource. Should you see "Allow this application to use your location", select ALLOW and proceed. If this doesn't work for you, please log in with your local library card or use your SD State Library eCard.

Please note the following:

  • GeoIP access does not apply to Ancestry Library.
  • If you live near the state border, you may experience some geolocation inconsistencies.
  • When accessing databases through your local library, please continue using their interface.

Electronic Resources Task Force

The Electronic Resources Task Force's (ERTF) mission is to review, evaluate, and formulate recommendations for electronic resources for the South Dakota State Library based upon the needs of all parties.

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Technical Help

Access to South Dakota State Library (SDSL) electronic resources or databases is only available to SD residents.

Special Access Requirements: AncestryLibrary is accessible INSIDE libraries only.

Training Opportunities

Conferences, continued education or professional development opportunities, vender webinars, and more library-related events in South Dakota.


Electronic Resources Coordinator

Kim Bonen

1-605-773-3131 (Option 5, 3)