Each year the Young Adult Reading Program Committee of the South Dakota Library Association publishes a list to promote quality literature and to help South Dakota teachers and librarians in selecting and promoting books for adolescents. The books are selected from among the many young adult and adult books that have received positive reviews by national reviewing periodicals.

The SD Teen Choice Book Awards was also known previously as YARP (Young Adult Reading Program). For Elementary grade books, see also the South Dakota Children's Book Awards.

For questions, contact the SD Library Association book awards committee .

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Membership Application
Send completed membership forms to:

  • Wendy Nelson, Membership
    PO Box 283, Lennox SD 57039

YARP members look for high-quality books that appeal to South Dakota teenagers; books that they can't wait to read, that they will recommend to each other, and books that teens will love.

Participating Organizations: South Dakota Library Association ; South Dakota State Library

Book Requirements:

  • Books should be chosen on the basis of quality, suitability, and overall interest to SD teenagers, grades 6-12.
  • Titles on the booklist should include both fiction and nonfiction.
  • The list should have a balance of genres and gender representation, a range of reading levels (avoiding elementary), and a variety of viewpoints.
  • Adult books recommended for teens may be included on the list.
  • All books must be read and recommended by at least three members of the selection committee to be considered for inclusion on the list.
  • Inclusion of the title on other "best books" lists is encouraged, but not mandatory.
  • Titles included on the Prairie Pasque list may not be included on the YARP/Teen Reads list.
  • Books may be first in a series, but may not be from subsequent volumes in the series.
  • Books should have been published within the last three years.
  • Books must be in print at the time of selection.
  • Only one title by an author can appear on each year's list.

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SDLA YARP Committee

Kerri Smith, YARP Chair

South Dakota Library Association


School Library Coordinator

Scottie Bruch

1-605-773-3131 (Option 5, 3)