By state statute, we perform specific functions as outlined in SDCL 14:1 .

All state libraries receive direct "Grants to State" federal funding which requires matching funds from the state receiving the funds.

These federal dollars pay for:

  • 58 subject-specific databases (schools heavily depend on these resources),
  • Interlibrary loan support including SD ShareIt (which replaced SDLN in 2016) and the statewide courier service,
  • all Braille and Talking Book program and staff,
  • digitization of some of our older state documents,
  • federally and state-required annual data collections,
  • summer reading programming, and
  • the training and standards for our school and public librarians including technology advances.

... most of what we do is in our IMLS 5-Year plan (using federal or state matching funds) for those outlined activities.

February 2020

State Librarian

George Seamon

1-605-773-3131 (Option 6)