File Management

Graphic files shall be comprised of the following:

  • PNG - vector based, clip-art, or anything with text
  • JPG - photographs

Graphics files shall be saved in locations such as:

  • /media/ folder. For elements that have more than one use throughout the website OR
  • the direct folder in which it represents. For example, /program/2019/media/. For elements that are limited to one particular usage/event.


Main banner on home page used for major promotions. Slides through 3 graphics and links. Size is 1200x300 pixels.

third annual performance showcase in Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, and Rapid City

Page Banners

Size is 1920-500 pixels. Image will have transparent white box overlay with text. See top of this page.

1x1 Graphics

When possible, use graphics optimized for sharing on most social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Size 600x600 px minimum, though 1080x1080 is preferred. Use class="img-fluid" for responsiveness.

Information Officer/Webmaster

Wynne Nafus Sayer

1-605-773-3131 (Option 6)