The South Dakota State Library, a division of the SD Department of Education, formally and annually recognizes schools with libraries that meet the characteristics of a 21st century school library through its place, professional, and program. Awards recognize the status of the library as Effective, Enhanced, or Exemplary based on the South Dakota School Library Guidelines.

Self Assessment

The 21st Century School Library Self-Assessment may be used as a guide to then formally apply for the award. This tool can be used to help guide decisions about professional practices, advocacy, and strategic planning.

21st Century School Library Self-Assessment


Applications are accepted March 1 through May 1 of each year. The 21st Century School Library Committee, comprised of library and education professionals, reviews all applications. Award announcements are made in late May/early June. Awardees are also formally recognized at an annual conference held in the fall. Award status is valid for a three-year period.

21st Century School Library Award 2021-24 Application

2019-2022 21st century school library badge


School Library Librarian Administrator Level


Douglas Middle School Library, Box Elder Melissa Hubbell Greg Seefeldt Exemplary 2020-2023
Harrisburg Middle School Library, Harrisburg Kristi Jones Darren Ellwein Exemplary 2020-2023
Horizon Elementary School Library, Harrisburg Leslee Reiland Lisa Garrett Exemplary 2020-2023
Madison Central School Libraries, Madison Joanne Kallhoff Adam Shaw, Cotton Koch, Janel Guse Exemplary 2020-2023
Robert Frost Elementary School Library, Sioux Falls Korey Erickson Lynn Gillette Exemplary 2020-2023
West Central Middle/High School Library, Hartford DaNann Kistler Melinda Jensen Exemplary 2020-2023
West Middle School Library, Rapid City Shelley Rath Dan Conrad Exemplary 2020-2023
Elk Point-Jefferson School Libraries, Elk Point Deedra Holdhusen Janet Ries, Skyler Eriksen Enhanced 2020-2023
Piedmont Valley Elementary Library, Sturgis Elementary Library, and Whitewood Elementary Library; Meade 46-1, Sturgis Heidi Kruse Chantal Ligtenberg; Ethan Dschaak; Brittan Porterfield Effective 2020-2023
Rapid Valley Elementary School Library, Rapid City Jennifer Backhaus Cher Daniel Effective 2020-2023


Aberdeen Central High School Library Mikayla Arechigo Dr. Jason Uttermark Exemplary 2019-2022
Alcester-Hudson Elementary School Library Nola Conner Tim Rhead Exemplary 2019-2022
Alcester-Hudson Jr/High School Library Nola Conner LeeAnn Hasich Exemplary 2019-2022
Creekside Elementary School Library, Spearfish Sheleen Bauer Dan Olson Exemplary 2019-2022
Georgia Morse Middle School Library, Pierre Renae Lehman Dr. Kyley Cumbow and Brandon Lowery Exemplary 2019-2022
Harrisburg High School Library Eve Langerock Ryan Rollinger Exemplary 2019-2022
Stagebarn Middle School Library, Piedmont Scottie Bruch Dave Olson Exemplary 2019-2022
Sturgis Middle School Library Scottie Bruch Chad Hedderman Exemplary 2019-2022
Dakota Valley Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School Libraries, North Sioux City Erin Nilges Harlan Halverson, Eric Sommervold, and Dr. Jerry Rasmussen Enhanced 2019-2022
Lennox Jr/High School Library Michael Larson Chad Allison Exemplary 2019-2022
R.F. Pettigrew Elementary School Library, Sioux Falls Nicole Ulvestad Kevin Dick Exemplary 2019-2022
Sonia Sotomayor Elementary School Library, Sioux Falls Jenni Egstad Tracy Vik Exemplary 2019-2022
Sturgis Brown High School Library Scottie Bruch Pete Wilson Exemplary 2019-2022


Brookings High School Library, Brookings Jean Kirschenman Dr. Paul vonFischer Exemplary 2018-2021
Discovery Elementary Library, Sioux Falls Sharlene Lien Lois Running Exemplary 2018-2021
Journey Elementary Library, Harrisburg Elizabeth Wells Rob Sylliassen Exemplary 2018-2021
Lincoln High School Library, Sioux Falls Mary Peters Robert Grimm Exemplary 2018-2021
Memorial Middle School Library, Sioux Falls Laura Allard Nancy Hagen Exemplary 2018-2021
Oscar Howe Elementary Library, Sioux Falls Emily Blackwelder Larry Larsen Exemplary 2018-2021
Roosevelt High School Library, Sioux Falls Jeanne Conner Tim Hazlett Exemplary 2018-2021
Spearfish High School Library, Spearfish Emily Benvenga Steve Morford Exemplary 2018-2021
Washington High School Library, Sioux Falls Kerri Smith Dan Conrad Exemplary 2018-2021
Explorer Elementary Library, Harrisburg Amy DeNomme Doug Eppard Enhanced 2018-2021
Patrick Henry Middle School Library, Sioux Falls Wendy Nelson Kim Sharping Enhanced 2018-2021
T.F. Riggs High School Library, Pierre Pam C. Kringel Kevin Mutchelknaus Enhanced 2018-2021
Huron High School Rachel Kary Mike Radke Effective 2018-2021
Harvey Dunn Elementary, Sioux Falls Amy Heinert Patti Pannell Effective 2018-2021
Knollwood Heights Elementary, Rapid City Tracy Benson Shannon Schaefers Effective 2018-2021


Douglas Middle School, Box Elder Melissa Hubbell Dan Baldwin Exemplary 2017-2020
Douglas High School, Box Elder Kimberly Darata administrator Exemplary 2017-2020
Harrisburg South Middle School Kristi Jones Darren Ellwein Exemplary 2017-2020
Horizon Elementary, Harrisburg Leslee Reiland Tanja Pederson Exemplary 2017-2020
Madison Central School Libraries Joanne Kallhoff Cotton Koch, Adam Shaw, Janel Guse Exemplary 2017-2020
West Central Middle/High School, Hartford DaNann Kistler Melinda Jensen Exemplary 2017-2020
West Middle School, Rapid City Shelley Rath Dan Conrad Exemplary 2017-2020
Rapid Valley Elementary, Rapid City Jennifer Backhaus Cher Daniel Enhanced 2017-2020
Robert Frost Elementary, Sioux Falls Korey Erickson Colleen Werner Enhanced 2017-2020


Aberdeen Central High School Lucy Wang Dr. Jason Uttermark Exemplary 2016-2019
Flandreau Middle/High School Library Lori Williams Ross Rollinger Exemplary 2016-2019
Gettysburg K-12 Library Mary Quiett Wendy Smith Exemplary 2016-2019
Harrisburg High School Sheleen Bauer Kevin Lein Exemplary 2016-2019
RCCSS St. Thomas More Middle School, Rapid City Jenelle Kirchoff Keiz Shultz Exemplary 2016-2019
Sioux Falls Edison Middle School Kjerstin Smith Steve Griffith Exemplary 2016-2019
Watertown High School Library Jean Moulton Dr. Michael Butts Exemplary 2016-2019
Lennox Middle/High School Library Michael Larson Chad Allison Enhanced 2016-2019
Sturgis Brown High School Scottie Bruch Pete Wilson Enhanced 2016-2019
Sturgis Williams Middle School Scottie Bruch Ann Nonnast Enhanced 2016-2019
Georgia Morse Middle School, Pierre Renae Lehman Dr. Kyley Cumbow Enhanced 2016-2019
Creekside Elementary Library, Spearfish Dianne Hemminger Dan Olson Enhanced 2016-2019

School Library Technology Coordinator

Alissa Adams

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