SDSL Cornerstone:

  • Aug. 11: SDSL Database Statistics for Fiscal Year 2022
  • Aug. 4: Read for the Record with SDSL

Interlibrary Loan Alert: If you are experiencing issues with courier service, please notify Brenda.Hemmelman@state.sd.us .

Library Directors/Staff Voluntary Certification
Through certification, the State Library recognizes public library directors and staff who update knowledge and skills on a continuing basis. Certification is valid for three years. To renew at the same level will require 30 contact hours of continuing education. Application deadline is Sept. 2.

Online Outreach and Social Media Webinar
Aug. 22 (4pm CT) or Aug. 25 (10am CT)
Cheyenne Chontos, SDSL Library Technology Coordinator will host this webinar full of practical tips for creating engaging social media and online outreach strategies.

Upcoming on the SDSL Training Calendar

  • Explore the New Explora Interface, Aug. 16 2022, 1:00-1:30 CT
  • Summer Reading – CSLP Listening Sessions, Aug. 15 (2pm CT) or Aug. 17 (10am)

SDSL's School Library Weekly Update newsletter

  • Aug. 2022 edition

SDSL Cornerstone:

  • July 28: Online Learning Opportunities for Libraries
  • July 21: ExCITE! Offers School Librarians and Other Educators an Opportunity to Learn
  • July 14: July Federal Publications - Petroglyphs
  • July 7: Back to School with Swank: Q&A Session

Did You Know: Consumer Reports are available through MasterFILE Complete


  • It's Time to report statistics!
  • Count every attendee every time they attend
  • Summer Reading Program Survey due: Sept. 12, 2022

CANCELLED: SD State Library Board Quarterly meeting, July 2022

School Libraries: Back to School with Swank -- Virtual Q&A Session - Aug. 11, 2022

SDSL's School Library Weekly Update newsletter

  • July 2022 edition

The South Dakota State Library will be closed on Monday, July 4, in honor of Independence Day.

Loud Librarians Lead! Muggles in the LIBRARY! - June/July 2022

SDSL Cornerstone:

  • June 30: Loud Librarians Lead
  • June 23: Upcoming SDSL Webinar: South Dakota in Ancestry Library Edition
  • June 16: Why Should I Attend Library Conferences?
  • June 9: State Library Recognizes 21st Century School Libraries
  • June 2: Tips for a Successful Technology Reference Interview

SDSL's School Library Weekly Update newsletter

  • June 2022 edition

SDSL's School Library Weekly Update newsletter

  • May 31: 21st Century School Library Award WINNERS!
  • May 23: Your Guide to WEEDING!
  • May 16: School Year Wrap-Up Edition!
  • May 9: NEW Electronic Resources!
  • May 2: Summer Reading

Loud Librarians Lead! Building Partnerships - May 2022

SDSL Cornerstone:

  • May 26: Loud Librarians Lead
  • May 19: May Federal Publication: Sandhill crane
  • May 12: Swank in Action
  • May 5: South Dakota Book Award Winners

State Library recognizes 21st Century School Libraries
Media Release, May 25, 2022

SD State Library Board Quarterly meeting: Sturgis Public Library, May 19, 2022