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Data for the 2023 South Dakota School Libraries Facts & Stats comes from the South Dakota School Library Survey held in 2023.

2022-23 School Library Facts

school library facts of 2022-23

What is a school library? A place to find print, digital, and people resources. Programming that supports reading and research. Professional staff who are qualified to teach and guide.

  • 87% districts/systems in South Dakota have a school library
  • 97% students have access to a school library
  • 1.3 items per student were added to collections
  • 24 items were checked out per student
  • $14.91 was spent on new materials per student
  • 84% of students checked out at least one book during the school year
  • 6,100 classes visited school libraries every week
  • 8,600 students visited school libraries independently every day

School Libraries: the place

school libraries the place.

405 school libraries in South Dakota incorporate spaces that accomodate various learning styles and educational needs

District libraries accomodate:

  • 97% small group instruction
  • 88% individual study spaces
  • 87% classroom instruction
  • 71% meeting room functions
  • 66% virtual spaces for programs

Incorporating different kinds of spaces in a school library creates an environment that accommodates various learning styles and educational needs.

School libraries provide digital resources

map of sd with bar graphs and radial graphs

School libraries provide digital access to educational resources that provide extended access to students outside the library.

  • 100% districts/systems have access to SD State Library research databases
  • 50% have staff who provide instruction to teachers and students on using SDSL eresources
  • 63% offer online catalog
  • 55% have digital book collections
  • 50% have a library webpage
  • 51% provide mobile devices
  • 43% offer additional databases
  • 21% offer virtual spaces
  • 19% offer video streaming

Library websites, online catalogs, and digital resources provide extended access for homework, research, and learning outside of regular school hours.

School libraries: the program

school libraries offer, host, and promote programs and activities that link literacy and student interests

SD School libraries provide programs and activities that link literacy and student interests.

School Libraries offer, host, and promote:

  • 74% local, state, and national reading promotion programs
  • 71% thematic displays and bulletin boards
  • 65% book fairs
  • 53% ELL, SPED, and multicultural resourcs
  • 38% partnership with public library
  • 36% makerspaces and STEM
  • 30% book and special interest clubs
  • 27% author or artist in the school programs
  • 25% afterschool programs

Offering a diversity of programming in school libraries promotes literacy, inclusivity, and a love for reading while addressing the unique needs and interests of students.

School libraries: the professional

school librarians instruct and collaborate; school librarians communicate

School librarians play a crucial role in their districts in providing both instruction and curriculum support.

South Dakota school librarians instruct and collaborate:

  • 65% utilize SD School Library Guidelines
  • 64% innovatively organize their collections
  • 62% teach with SD School Library Standards
  • 58% survey students and staff in regard to resources, reading and services
  • 50% collaborate with local public library
  • 40% collaborate and teach with classroom teachers

South Dakota school librarians communicate with:

  • 36% Newsletters create content for digital/print newsletters to share with students, staff and parents
  • 32% Websites maintain website or pages dedicated to the school library
  • 18% Social Media develop content and maintain social media accounts to connect with students and parents

School librarians work together with other educators for lesson planning, curriculum integration, and information literacy instruction.

Providing effective, engaging communication channels expands the reach of school libraries.

School Librarians are district teachers and leaders

school librarians are district teachers and leaders.  pie charts

School librarians enhance the overall quality of the school through learning and leadership activities that build a positive learning environment.

  • 58% attend district meetings and in-services
  • 55% engage in professional development
  • 42% serve on district-wide committees
  • 29% present and participate at workshops outside the district
  • 24% deliver professional development opportunities for district teachers and staff

School Libraries: The Professional

school libraries the professional  puzzle pieces

School librarians have a variety of educational backgrounds. 80% serve multiple roles within their schools.

  • 23% Librarians are certified teacher librarians (with library endorsement)
  • 13% Teachers are certified teachers in the library (no library endorsement)
  • 64% Paraprofessionals are library aides or paraprofessionals

Certified librarians and teachers play a crucial role in providing instructional and curriculum support. Paraprofessionals provide assistance that ensures the library is an effective resource for students and teachers.

21st Century School Library Awards

21st Century School Library Awards. Professional Place Program

South Dakota State Library formally recognizes the following schools with libraries that meet the characteristics of a 21st century school library.

Exemplary 2023-2026

  • Alcester-Hudson Elementary School Library
  • Alcester-Hudson Junior High/High School Library
  • Belle Fourche High School Library
  • Discovery Elementary School Library, Sioux Falls
  • Douglas Badger Clark Elementary School Library, Box Elder
  • Rapid City West Middle School Library
  • Rapid Valley Elementary School Library, Rapid City
  • Sioux Falls Discovery Elementary School Library
  • Sioux Falls R.F. Pettigrew Elementary School Library
  • West Central Middle School/High School Library, Hartford

About the 2023 School Libraries Facts & Stats

A Day in the Life

Every year South Dakota public school districts, non-public school systems, tribal/BIE (Bureau of Indian Education) schools and state special schools are surveyed about their libraries. The information here reflects the activities of 181 districts and systems that responded to the South Dakota School Library Survey (85% response rate). Many thanks to the dedicated school librarians and administrators who contributed to their time and attention to this data collection.

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