Stephanie Miller-Davis Grant Year 2023

What: A grant program to promote early childhood literacy in the rural South Dakota communities. Funding is made possible from the Stephanie Miller-Davis Charitable Fund, a private donor advised fund from a SD family, in collaboration with the SD State Library and the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF).


  • $1500; Up to 25 libraries; awarded to 5000 or fewer residents for city libraries and under 7500 (LSA) for county libraries.
  • $1500; Up to 5 libraries; awarded to 5000 or more residents for city libraries and over 7500 (LSA) for county libraries.

Eligibility: South Dakota public libraries that are state and federally recognized and in compliance with State statues. Any South Dakota tribal/public library on any South Dakota reservation regardless of size may apply. South Dakota public school libraries may partner with an eligible public library closest to them and apply jointly. An official 501c3 "Friends of the Library" may apply on behalf of a public library.

Not required, but preference will be given to:

  1. libraries who have sought out or are currently seeking SD State Library voluntary accreditation; and
  2. libraries that send local librarians or trustees to training programs such as Jump Start or participate in online webinars.

Applications should be submitted online through your sponsoring public library's annual report portal at . Sign in using your library's annual report account credentials. Select the Stephanie Miller-Davis Grant from the Collection menu.

  • Open Registration: December 1, 2022
  • Close Registration: February 1, 2023
  • Grant Decisions communicated by: February 28, 2023
Online Application (

Terms and Conditions of Acceptance

  1. No more than 30 grants will be awarded.
  2. Failure to complete all questions on the application form may jeopardize an applicants' chances.
  3. The grant is for $1500; not more or less.
  4. All funds must be directed toward a summer reading program or programs, children's spaces, children's books and materials.
  5. All funds must be accounted for with receipts when applicable.
  6. Funds cannot be spent on salaries or food.
  7. All awarded funds must be spent by August 31, 2023.
  8. Failure to complete an evaluation form and submit by the deadline may jeopardize future opportunities to apply.
  9. Self-Evaluation must be submitted by September 30, 2023.
  10. All award decisions are made by the Miller-Davis family and are final.

About the SDCF

SDCF is a public non-profit organization established in 1987. SDCF, with offices in Pierre, Rapid City, Sioux Falls and Aberdeen administers over 1,100 funds benefiting hundreds of charitable organizations annually. The Foundation distributed nearly $18 million in grants in 2021 which made a tremendous difference in communities statewide. This would not have been possible without the generosity of our donors. If you have a specific cause you would like to support or would prefer to give for the general good of our state, please visit to learn more or call 1-800-888-1842.

Questions? Contact:

Youth Services Coordinator

Amanda Raiche

1-605-773-3131 (Option 5, 1)

State Data Coordinator

Shawn Behrends

1-605-773-3131 (Option 5, 3)