Launch your Coding Club and receive FREE books

South Dakota State Library Services wants to bring computer science opportunities to elementary, middle and high school children across South Dakota. We would love for your library to host a club!

Clubs can be held after-school or as summer programs and led by facilitators, who can be teachers, librarians, parents or volunteers from any background or field. No prior knowledge is required; many facilitators have no technical experience and learn to code alongside their club members.

Learn more about coding from the hosted zoom meet up. "Coding Conversation" from January 2022. Librarians share their experiences with coding clubs across South Dakota!

coding clubs

Step One

Get Involved/Start a Club/ Reach out to us for programming ideas

Step Two

Present the information to your Library Board and other Library Staff

Step Three

After establishing your club complete this form and receive books while supplies last.

These books provide coding resources:

  • Learn to Code and Change the World * by Reshma Saujani |
  • The Friendship Code ** by Stacia Deutsch (All 4 books in our fiction series) |
  • Brave, Not Perfect by Reshma Saujani |
  • How to Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk |
  • Baby Code by Sandra Horning

Youth Services Coordinator

Amanda Raiche

1-605-773-3131 (Option 5, 1)

Continuing Education Coordinator

JoAnne Freitag